Fr. Glenn: Holy Wisdom

first_imgBy Fr. Glenn JonesYou may have seen the stories of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul—formerly the cathedral of the Orthodox faith built under Emperor Justinian I in the early 500s in the former Constantinople—being converted from the museum that it has been for the last several decades back into a mosque, which it was for several hundred years prior to that. An absolute jewel of architectural beauty, it has “changed hands” a number of times over the centuries—Orthodox cathedral to Catholic cathedral in the Crusades, back to Orthodox cathedral, then to mosque during the Ottoman conquest, to museum in the 1930s, and now back to mosque. Such huge and magnificent edifices—like the Roman colosseum and the pyramids—are mute observers of the passage of time and movements of civilizations, watching generations and empires brighten and fade as we might experience the seasons.Hagia Sophia is transliterated Greek, rendered “Holy Wisdom”, meaning perhaps more familiarly to western Christians as the Logos, or Word—Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity of persons of the one God of Christianity … inspired by St. John’s Gospel in part: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father.” (John 1:1, 14) In fact, some of the most beautiful remaining mosaics in Hagia Sophia are those depicting Jesus. Those mosaics and other artistic renderings had formerly been plastered over during its previous time as a mosque; we’ll see what happens now.As one might imagine, there is mourning in some Christian circles—especially Orthodox, understandably—about the former cathedral once again being used for non-Christian worship. We Catholics might best relate if we imagine the same thing happening to the Vatican, which would be a glaring loss to an ancient spiritual focal point of our own faith. And yet … Christians realize that faith is not bound to any building or place, but rather to the community of believers. We certainly treasure our churches as historic assembly areas and for the facilitation of liturgical worship, but as Jesus assures us so comfortingly: “…where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  (Matthew18:20) The ancient Israelites believed that the “mercy seat” of God—essentially the cover of the Ark of the Covenant—was where God “dwelt” on earth; but by Jesus’ own assurance above, Christians know that He dwells wherever we are…wherever we might gather—just as did the early Christians in the catacombs and in the homes of believers. Yes, believers have sought to honor God through the construction and dedication of magnificent churches throughout the millennia, but in the end—like the Israelites who lost the Temple—we know that He is in every time and place.For Christians, the Word IS Holy Wisdom, not just a building … no matter how magnificent. And our own personal “little ‘w’” wisdom is manifest at how closely we conform ourselves to Holy Wisdom. As Jesus admonishes in His parable: “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them … is like a man building a house, who dug deep, and laid the foundation upon rock; and when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house, and could not shake it, because it had been well built. But he who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation; against which the stream broke, and immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.”  (Luke 6:46-1) What is a sign of our devotion … our belief … our wisdom? To follow Him with whole heart. As the feast of St. James, son of Zebedee, was the other day, I could not help but muse on James’ own wisdom. He was minding his own business—literally—fishing with his father and brother John, when called by Jesus to follow Him to who-knows-where, who-knows-what. Nonetheless he dropped his nets, and with John and their partner-brothers Simon and Andrew, took off for not only a three-ish year adventure, but for the rest of their earthly lives in following the Logos—James’ own life cut short when he became the first apostle to give his life for Christ. For James and the others knew that Jesus was with them wherever they gathered.All Christians know this, of course—even the Orthodox, who feel the loss of the church of Hagia Sophia most keenly. And they know that the inexorable march of time will see the mosaics fade, the bricks crumble, the structure fall regardless—whether it be by war, earthquake, or the elements. The actual Hagia Sophia—the Logos—is the only essential Temple … raised up, not over centuries with marble, brick and mortar, but rather in only three days in that which we call the Resurrection … so paradoxically after its destruction upon the cross just a few days before. Having definitively defeated death, His is the true Temple indestructible … for all people … and which will never—can never—crumble. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High…and of his kingdom there will be no end. (Luke 1:32-33)Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding,for the gain from it is better than gain from silver and its profit better than gold.She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.(Proverbs 3:13-15)Rev. Glenn Jones is the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and former pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Los Alamos.last_img read more

Emerson earns cybersecurity certification

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​BIFA’s bitesize training

first_imgBIFA took its industry training programmes online in May, as HLPFI reported here.  The training session – run by BIFA trainers Graeme Wilkinson and Carl Hobbis – is set to take place online on July 8, 2020. It will focus on Customs procedure codes. “We intend to make this training session fun, interactive, and all participants will receive a BIFA certificate to count towards their continuing professional development,” Hobbis said. Robert Keen, director general at BIFA, said that there are plans for further events for the YFN, such a guest interviews and Q&A sessions, still to come. www.bifa.orglast_img

Contact centre forced to close by legal aid cuts

first_imgA contact centre that provides a safe environment for separated parents to spend time with their children will close next month following a sharp fall in solicitor referrals as a result of legal aid cuts.Footprints Child Contact Centre was set up in Bradford, West Yorkshire, 18 years ago. Referrals are made through solicitors or CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service).Coordinator Doreen Wheatley confirmed the last session will take place on 13 August.The centre opens on alternative Saturdays between 9.30am-2.30pm and alternative Thursday evenings between 4.30pm-6.30pm. Families pay an annual £110 administration fee. Some funding is received from CAFCASS.Wheatley said the centre dealt with around 40 families within a year of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act coming into force in April 2013. Numbers fell to 30 in the second year. This year, there have been six referrals.Difficulties in attracting volunteers have also contributed towards the decision to close.Razia Jogi (pictured), director and head of family law at Switalskis Solicitors in Bradford, said she spoke to Wheatley at least three times a week pre-LASPO.Jogi said: ‘The centre was crucial in assisting, managing and progressing contact situations at fragile situations. LASPO, however, brought about a crushing change.‘Many parents, embroiled in contact disputes, simply do not have the funds to enlist the help of lawyers, and the majority of such a group do not have the confidence and wherewithal to go through the court system whilst acting as litigants in person.’The Law Society said contact centres could be a valuable way of ensuring that children retain contact with both parents during hostile relationship breakdowns.‘But without early legal advice, parents often do not know that such places even exist, let alone how they could help the family,’ a spokesperson said.Elspeth Thomson, chair of Resolution’s legal aid committee, said she hoped the centre’s closure was not the start of a longer-term trend of highly specialised services gradually disappearing from communities across the country.last_img read more

St Lucia’s PM Anthony steps down from SLP

first_imgFormer Prime Minister Kenny Anthony St Lucia’s PM Anthony steps down from SLPFormer prime minister of St. Lucia, Dr. Kenny Anthony has formally resigned as leader of the St. Lucia Labor Party (SLP) less than a week after he led the party into defeat in the June 6 general election.The election to choose his successor will most likely be held in October. Meanwhile, former deputy prime minister Phillip J. Pierre will lead the party.Anthony, who submitted his resignation letter on Thursday, had signaled his intention to step down as SLP as well as Opposition Leader after the party failed to win a second consecutive term in office in Monday’s general election. But he promised to support his colleagues and remain as the parliamentary representative for Vieux Fout South in Parliament.SLP general secretary, Leo Clarke, said that after seven days of receiving Anthony’s resignation, a national council meeting will be held to endorse Pierre as the acting leader, until the party’s next convention in October when a new leader will be chosen. SLP parliamentarians are due to meet on Friday to elect a leader in the Parliament.Anthony had served as prime minister on three occasions and the candidates to replace him are likely to include Pierre, the second deputy leader Alva Baptiste, and newcomer Dr. Ernest Hilaire, the former chief executive officer of the West Indies Cricket Board.Meanwhile, members of the new Cabinet, led by new Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, are due to take their oaths of allegiance today at a swearing-in ceremony at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds, in Vieux Fort.last_img read more

Presidential campaigning begins in Haiti

first_img Share Share Share NewsPoliticsRegional Presidential campaigning begins in Haiti by: Caribbean Media Corporation – September 11, 2015 26 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) – The 54 candidates vying to replace President Michel Martelly kicked off their campaigns on Wednesday amid heightened criticism of the country’s electoral commission.The election season began with a few hundred protesters rallying against Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) here.The Council has been criticised since deciding to repeat legislative elections across nearly a quarter of the country after an August 9 vote was plagued with violence and fraud.The first round of the legislative elections was marred by acts of violence and attacks on some polling stations.Last week, the Departmental Electoral Offices of Litigation ruled on 203 cases challenging the preliminary results. “The CEP is under the political influence of certain sectors and parties,” said Pierre Esperance, executive director of a national network of human rights groups.Meanwhile, Haiti’s largest opposition party, Verite, said Tuesday it was withdrawing from the process, refusing to “endorse an electoral mess that will enhance instability and dictatorship,” according to its leader Joseph Genard.The record number of candidates, will square off in Haiti’s October 25 first-round vote. Sharing is caring!last_img read more

National Broadband Strategy consultancy comes to an end

first_img 126 Views   one comment Share Share Share Caribbean still lags in broadband coverage and access.A four day consultation to develop a National Broadband Strategy, organized by the Ministry of Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) ended on April 22, 2016 at the Fort Young Hotel.Dr. Martin Koyabe, Head of Technical Support and Consultancy Division at the CTO in an interview with Dominica Vibes on Friday 22 April 2016, said upon starting these consultations there were very specific objectives. These objectives were to firstly understand the status of not just broadband but ICT in Dominica, secondly to build on that developing the foundations for how Dominicans can actually develop a broadband strategy and thirdly engage as many stakeholders as possible. A broadband strategy he explained is “is simply something that tells you where you’re going from point A to point B and the country needs that particular template, it needs to know what it needs to put in place as the users, citizens and also for socioeconomic develop for the country of how the state of broadband is.” Five working groups were created to include the participating stakeholders to look at financing and investment, content and innovation, devices, legal and policy issues and infrastructure. He also expressed his pleasure at the number of stakeholders who joined the discussions and described it as useful in driving the process forward. “Discussions between stakeholders have been very cordial…very cooperative and very informative. Many of the stakeholders were very keen to at least contribute; whether in terms of ideas, in terms of what they think their experiences are, and where they want to see Dominica go in terms of strategy.”Moving forward Mr. Koyabe said participants will meet in the next few weeks to be able to expand on the areas that were touched on. Once that is complete, the CTO and the ITU will be able to look at what they have put forward, do a peer review of the information and send it back. Then he said according to the Ministry of Information, Telecommunications, Science and Technology’s timeline, the document can be open to the public for contribution before it is ascended to the Cabinet for approval. This is one step forward for Dominica, he added, and encouraged young Dominicans to be “very innovative, very imaginative, to look at problems in the country and provide solutions for these problems”. “If there is no innovation then there is no job creation of service, if there is no creation of services then there is no creation of employment, and if there is no employment then there would be no enjoyment of socioeconomic benefits,” Dr. Koyabe stated. “What broadband does, it enables all that so that’s why broadband is a very important component of technology that needs to be adopted at least yesterday, but not tomorrow.”center_img Tweet Sharing is caring! BusinessLocalNews National Broadband Strategy consultancy comes to an end by: Dominica Vibes News – April 22, 2016last_img read more

Terra Drone makes inroads into North America

first_imgExplaining the motivation behind partnering with Ventus Geospatial, Terra Drone CEO Toru Tokushige says, “As the world leader in oil production, the United States is a lucrative market for Terra Drone’s international business expansion. The oil production in Texas is topped only by Russia and Saudi Arabia. So, the demand for inspection of oil and gas facilities is also quite high here.” Sea News, August 9 Author: Baibhav Mishra The joint venture will be known as Terra Drone Ventus and will offer inspection and survey solutions to a range of industries in North America With eight years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Ventus has flown and operated thousands of airborne missions without incident and worked with more than 200 clients, including Exxon, TC Energy and many more. It was also the first company in North America to obtain permission to fly BVLOS drone missions. Tokushige also recognizes that there are many other opportunities outside the oil and gas markets. “Moreover, the US is the second-largest producer of wind energy in the world. Texas leads the country in wind power capacity as well. This is again a lucrative market for us.” Japan-based Terra Drone Corporation, one of the world’s largest providers of industrial drone solutions, is expanding its global footprint in North America. Terra Done is partnering with US-based Ventus Geospatial, a leading provider of oil and gas inspection solutions and mapping services to form Terra Drone Ventus. Through its three North American branches in Houston, Texas, Calgary, Alberta and Lethbridge, Alberta, Terra Drone Ventus will provide inspection and survey solutions in sectors like oil and gas, power, renewables, mining and many more. Paul Mitcham, Chairman, Terra Drone Ventus, says, “Implementing new technologies from Terra Drone Group and leveraging their expertise will allow us to increase the capacity of our inspection solutions significantly.” Steve Myshak, COO, Terra Drone Ventus, adds, “Combining the technology and expertise we have developed with a partner like Terra Drone will give us a distinct advantage. This partnership is a natural progression for Ventus Geospatial and we are looking forward to providing a wider range of solutions to both current and prospective clients.” Earlier this year, eight tanks in a Houston-area oil and gas facility caught fire and continued to burn for multiple days. Accidents such as these prove the value of Terra Drone Ventus services. Terra Drone Ventus provides timely and regular inspections which help with early detection of anomalies to minimize incidents. The newly-formed Terra Drone Ventus will offer beyond visual line of sight (“BVLOS”) inspection services using Terra Drone group company, C-Astral’s high-endurance drones. Terra Drone Ventus will leverage the proprietary UT drones of Terra Inspectioneering (formerly RoNik Inspectioneering) for wall-thickness measurements and Ventus’ patented gas detection sensors to provide unparalleled solutions for gas leak detection and inspection of oil and gas assets such as pipelines, flare-stacks, well pads, and storage tanks. There will also be a dedicated focus on the power line industry with innovative solutions for vegetation management and renewables such as wind power generators.last_img read more

High-Performance Signal Analyzer Solution for 5G Signal Measurement

first_imgAnritsu Corporation has introduced a new high-performance Signal Analyzer for the development and commercial production of 5G mobile communications systems. The MS2850A is the first mid-range Signal Analyzer to offer 1 GHz analysis bandwidth supporting evaluation of 5G multi-carrier signals. The analyzers are available in two frequency options 9 kHz to 32 GHz and 44.5 GHz. By using the 5G measurement software packages, the MS2850A uses high dynamic range and excellent flatness performance to cut measurement times using all-at-once, high-accuracy measurements of a typical 800 MHz modulation bandwidth to be used in 5G.With operators now preparing the introduction of next-generation 5G cellular mobile communications systems, leading wireless equipment makers have started transitioning from the development and verification testing phases to development of commercial models and preparations for volume manufacturing. Reducing the potentially high equipment investments needed to start 5G NR production lines is a major issue for base station suppliers, who instead require a high-performance but cost-effective 5G signal analyzer meeting both development and manufacturing requirements. Additionally, other non-5G communications fields will have the same bandwidth and flatness requirements as 5G when broadband communications come into use offering larger data capacity at faster speeds.The new signal analyzer MS2850A supports transmitter performance tests for wireless communications equipment during development and manufacturing; the 32 GHz and 44.5 GHz measurement frequency models have an analysis bandwidth of 255 MHz as standard, which can be extended as an option up to 1 GHz. Noise Figure (NF) and Phase Noise measurement functions can also be installed in both models.Installing the 5G measurement software packages in the MS2850A supports measurement of 5G uplink and downlink signal frequency error, power, EVM, etc., using CP-OFDM modulation. Additionally, downlink measurements evaluate multi-carriers all at once. Not only does the MS2850A support all previous cellular technologies such as, LTE, W-CDMA, TD – SCDMA, and GSM, it also offers future proof support for the new 5G NR standards now being defined by 3GPP.Key Features of the MS2850A Signal AnalyzerExcellent Dynamic Range and Flatness Performance for Wideband Signal Analysis: The MS2850A hardware has both excellent dynamic range and flatness performance, which are critical for evaluating wideband wireless signals accurately and improving the quality of wireless communications equipment.Specifications at 28 GHzAmplitude Flatness: ±1.2 dB (at Center Frequency ±500 MHz)Phase Flatness: 5° p-p (at Center Frequency ±500 MHz)ADC Clipping Level: 0 dBmDANL: –141 dBm/HzSFDR: –70 dBc5G Standard Measurement Software (Base License) – MX285051APre-Standard CP-OFDM Downlink (Rel.1) – MX285051A-001Pre-Standard CP-OFDM Uplink (Rel.1) – MX285051A-051Three software packages leverage the excellent dynamic range of the MS2850A to achieve an EVM performance of <1%. At downlink measurement, the all-at-once multi-carrier analysis function improves measurement and testing efficiency by shortening times for relative comparisons of characteristics of each carrier, timing errors, and general characteristics for all carriers.Cutting Infrastructure Investment CostsUnlike extremely expensive wideband signal analyzers for leading-edge R&D, the MS2850A is the world’s leading middle-price-range, wideband signal analyzer. Anritsu is releasing it now to respond to customers’ growing need to proactively cut costs while investing in new infrastructure for the rapidly developing 5G market.Target Markets: Makers of wireless communications equipment and electronic parts, mobile operatorsTarget Applications: Development and production of mobile-phone base stations and terminals, satcom wireless communications equipment, and broadband communications equipment, and monitoring of satellite communicationslast_img read more

Adopsi Gerbong Bertingkat dan Tarif Lebih dari Rp900 Ribu, Inilah Kereta Sleeper PT KAI

first_imgNamun, meski sudah jelas ada empat gerbong yang dipesan, Vice President Corporate Communication KAI Agus Komarudin mengatakan, kereta sleeper ini belum tentu bisa langsung digunakan pada Lebaran 2018 mendatang. Sebab pihak KAI juga tengah memesan sepuluh kereta untuk digunakan pada Lebaran 2018 dan baru selesai enam.“Kereta sleeper kita pesan empat tapi masih dalam tahap pembuatan. Nanti kalau sudah jadi kita test on the water dulu. Jadi, nanti kalau sudah siap kita akan gunakan untuk Lebaran,” ujar Agus saat dihubungi, Senin (23/4/2018).Baru memesan tetapi, di jagat maya kini beredar foto kereta seleeper tersebut dan pihak KAI mengatakan foto itu mungkin hanya gambaran kereta baru ini. “Kereta saja belum ada, foto pasti belum ada, nanti kalau sudah ada pasti kita publikasi,” ujar Agus lagi.Diketahui, kereta sleeper sendiri nantinya hanya akan diisi 18 penumpang per gerbongnya. Sehingga tarif yang ditawarkan akan lebih mahal dari kelas eksekutif bahkan kelas priority.“Tarif kereta sleeper ini yang jelas di atas Rp900 ribu dan di atas kelas eksekutif. Dengan kereta sleeper ini, sebenarnya ingin membuat penumpang bisa tidur di dalam kereta jika perjalanan jarak jauh dari Surabaya bisa tidur di kereta tanpa harus mencari hotel,” kata Agus.Baca juga: Hadirkan Sleeper Train, Siapkah PT KAI Hapus Bayangan “Masalah” Sosial KA Bima?Tak hanya itu, Edi Sukmoro menambahkan, pihaknya akan membuat kereta sleeper menjadi dua tingkat per gerbongnya. Penambahan tingkat ini juga sudah dipastikan tidak akan menabrak terowongan yang sudah ada di jalur kereta sekarang. Sebab tingginya gerbong tidak akan bertambah terlalu banyak meski dibuat bertingkat.“Tidak kena terowongan, kan terowongan itu empat meter lebih, kalau gerbong bertingkat paling nambah menjadi 3 meter sekian. Jadi masih bisa masuk,” ujar Edi.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedObsesi PT KAI Hadirkan Kereta Bertingkat, Akankah Terealisasi?09/08/2018In “Darat”Capai Okupasi 60 Persen, Luxury Sleeper Train PT KAI Terbukti Diminati Penumpang31/10/2018In “Darat”Sambut Mudik Lebaran, PT KAI Luncurkan Kereta Sleeper “Luxury 2” Generasi Baru27/05/2019In “Darat” Foto kereta sleeper KAI terbaru yang beredar di dunia maya Meski dari segi kecepatan, layanan kereta api di Indonesia belum bisa menyaingi kecepatan pesawat, namun dari segi layanan PT KAI punya strategi yang mumpuni untuk memanjakan penumpang, terutama segmen penumpang kelas premium. Tidak cukup dengan menghadirkan kereta eksekutif dan kereta priority, maka BUMN Trasportasi ini tengah bersiap untuk menghadirkan suguhan baru yang mampu membetot perhatian pasar dengan rangkaian sleeper train.Baca juga: Tak Lagi Gunakan Format Bilik, PT KAI Siap Luncurkan Layanan Sleepers Train Lebaran 2018 Mendatang!Kereta sleeper ini akan dipesan sebanyak empat gerbong yang akan membantu perjalananan mudik pada Lebaran 2018 ini. Direktur Utama PT KAI Edi Sukmoro mengatakan, kereta sleeper bentuknya seperti kabin kelas satu pesawat. Dimana tempat duduk bisa digunakan untuk tempat tidur penumpangnya.last_img read more