UNM-LA Advisory Board Votes For No Tuition Increase In 2021 And Expansion Of Mechanical Engineer Degree Program

first_imgLANL Senior Director Nan Sauer of the Partnerships and Pipeline Office talked to the UNM-LA Advisory Board about a collaboration bringing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree program to UNM-LA. Photo by Nancy Coombs/ UNM-LAUNM-LA student Allan VanCleave is recognized as one of two UNM-LA students honored as Phi Theta Kappa Scholars during the 2020 New Mexico Legislative Session. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LAUNM-LA News:At the UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) Advisory Board meeting Monday, March 3, in addition to the board’s recommendation on tuition and fees, advisory board members had the opportunity to hear from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Senior Director Nan Sauer of the Partnerships and Pipeline Office.Sauer talked to the UNM-LA Advisory Board about collaborations between LANL and UNM-LA regarding programs to help support local workforce needs.Last fall, LANL, UNM School of Engineering and UNM-LA collaborated to develop a pathway for students to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering on the UNM-LA campus, which will provide an opportunity for LANL employees, UNM-LA students and others to continue their education locally. Sauer mentioned that more than 125 LANL employees expressed an interest in the program.Students would complete the Associate’s Degree in Pre-Engineering at UNM-LA. The UNM School of Engineering plans to start offering upper division classes on the UNM-LA campus in Fall 2020. Students interested in the Mechanical Engineering program should contact Irina Alvestad at 505.661.4696 or email irina@unm.edu.The Advisory Board recommended no increase in tuition and fees for 2020-21, following the proposal by the UNM-LA Executive Team. The recommendation was based on expectations of revenues and expenditures for next year. For further information about the UNM-LA Advisory Board, visit losalamos.unm.edu/faculty-staff/administration/advisory-board/.UNM-Los Alamos is an innovative, rigorous, and affordable comprehensive branch community college that provides foundations for transfer, leading-edge career programs, and lifelong learning opportunities. More information about UNM-LA is available at losalamos.unm.edu.UNM-LA student Aaliyah Sandoval, right, was introduced to the board members as a recipient of a recent N3B scholarship. Her mother, Dana also attended the meeting. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LAUNM-LA Board members from left, Laura Burrows, David Sutton and Steve Boerigter review material during the meeting. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LAlast_img read more

Geotech expands hire fleet

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MB Crusher to demo shaft screeners

first_imgMB Crusher will also show its BF120.4 jaw crusher bucket and MB-S18 screener bucket at ConExpoAttachments manufacturer MB Crusher is to demonstrate its shaft screener product line at the ConExpo 2020 construction trade fair in the United States.The company’s shaft screeners, which can be installed on any brand of loader, excavator, backhoe and skid steer, will feature in a demonstration held at booth S5003 on ConExpo’s Silver Lot.The newest of MB Crushers product lines, the shaft screeners were designed to adapt to a variety of working environments and that they could select different types of materials quickly.Described as “radically different from other systems” by MB Crusher, the product line comprises the MB-HDS214, MB-HDS314, MB-HDS320 and the MB-HDS323 models.These incorporate interchangeable shafts that allow a single machine to work with different materials, such as dump soil, asphalt, dry wood and compost.The product demonstration will also feature the manufacturer’s BF120.4 jaw crusher bucket and an MB-S18 screener bucket, which will be reducing and sifting material. #*#*Show Fullscreen*#*#last_img read more

MÁV and GySEV order Flirts

first_imgHUNGARY: National railway MÁV and Austria-Hungary cross-border operator GySEV jointly selected sole bidder Stadler Rail to supply a total of 48 Flirt electric multiple-units on February 26.The order covers 42 EMUs for MÁV and six for GySEV. The four-car units will have 200 seats and a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The contract is due to be signed within 30 days, and deliveries are to be completed by September 30 2015. The allocation of work to various plants is still to be decided, but ‘a significant part of the production’ of the EMUs will be at Stadler’s Szolnok site. Stadler says the latest order means 112 Flirt units have now been ordered for use in Hungary.last_img

Bob Marley company launches new cannabis line

first_imgThe branded cannabis to be sold with the permission of the legendary musician’s familyJust in time for the reggae legend’s birthday, a Bob Marley Cannabis Line has launched, dubbed “Marley Natural” included four types of cannabis flower, as well as hemp seed oil-based body care products.The line of cannabis will initially be carried in a handful of dispensaries in California (where medical marijuana is legal) before expanding in that state over the next month. That expansion will continue to other states where the drug is legal throughout the rest of this year and, by next year, they will be sold internationally, the company said in a press release Friday morning.The company is also launching a line of body care products, including lotion and soap, made with hemp seed oil and Jamaican botanicals as well as a line of wood and glass marijuana-smoking accessories. Those products are available to buy online.The branded pot—named after Marley, who died from melanoma cancer in 1981—will be sold with the permission of the legendary musician’s family. It is part of a 30-year worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Marley Natural’s parent company, Privateer Holdings, a cannabis-focused investment firm.last_img read more

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour: Chessable Masters underway

first_imgWHITE TO MOVE, chess24.com (2.3) 2020 After the first half of play, Artemiev leads Group A due to his impressive start.The Group A standings after Round 5: 1. Artemiev, 3½; 2. Dubov, 3; 3-4. Nakamura, Carlsen, 2½; 5. Grischuk, 2; 6. Harikrishna, 1½. Dubov, D (2699)-Harikrishna, P (2719) [E15] MATE IN TWO. chess24.com (1.1) 2020 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.a4 a5 7.Bg5 h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Bg3 0-0 10.Nbd2 Nh5 11.h3 Qf6 12.Qe2 Kh8 13.Bh2 Nf4 14.Bxf4 gxf4 15.g4 Bd7 16.0-0-0 Rg8 17.Rdg1 Rg7 18.Rg2 Rag8 19.Rhg1 Ba7 20.Nh2 Nd8 21.h4 Qxh4 22.Ndf3 Qe7 23.g5 Ne6 24.Ng4 hxg5 25.Nh6 Rh7 26.Nxg8 Kxg8 27.Nxg5 f3 28.Qxf3 1-0 Artemiev, V (2716)-Harikrishna, P (2719) [A33] The playing cast in Group A is led by Carlsen himself and includes Alexander Grischuk, Hikaru Nakamura, Pentala Harikrishna, Vladislav Artemiev, and Daniil Dubov.Group B, meanwhile, is bannered by Fabiano Caruana and includes Liren Ding, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Teimour Radjabov, and Anish Giri.The tournament format is a double round robin with a time control of 15 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per game.The top 4 in each group will advance to the knockout mini-match stages. chess24.com (5.1) 2020 Harikrishna, P (2719)-Grischuk, A (2777) [C53] Artemiev, V (2716)-Dubov, D (2699) [D02] Carlsen, M (2863)-Dubov, D (2699) [A46]center_img 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c6 3.h3 d6 4.Bf4 Nbd7 5.e3 g6 6.Be2 Bg7 7.0-0 0-0 8.c4 Ne4 9.Qc2 e5 10.Bh2 Ng5 11.Nbd2 Nxf3+ 12.Nxf3 Re8 13.Rfd1 Qe7 14.Rac1 exd4 15.exd4 Bh6 16.Bd3 Bxc1 17.Qxc1 Qf6 18.Bf4 Nf8 19.Bg5 Qh8 20.d5 cxd5 21.cxd5 Nd7 22.Bb5 Qg7 23.Bh6 Qf6 24.Rd4 a6 25.Rf4 Qe7 26.Bxd7 Bxd7 27.Bg5 Rac8 28.Qa1 Qe2 29.b3 Rc2 30.Bh4 Rb2 31.Kh2 Qc2 32.Rc4 Qb1 33.Qxb1 Rxb1 34.Rc7 Bf5 35.Bf6 h6 36.Nd2 Rd1 37.Nc4 Rxd5 38.Rxb7 Be6 39.Ra7 Rd1 40.Nb2 Rd2 41.Kg3 g5 42.Rxa6 Rc8 43.h4 gxh4+ 44.Kf3 Rcc2 45.Na4 Rxf2+ 46.Ke3 Rxf6 0-1 chess24.com (4.2) 2020 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.Qc2 Bb7 6.Bg2 c5 7.0-0 cxd4 8.Nxd4 Bxg2 9.Kxg2 Qc8 10.e4 d6 11.Rd1 a6 12.Qe2 Nbd7 13.Nc3 Be7 14.Nf3 0-0 15.Bf4 Qc7 16.Rac1 Rac8 17.b3 h6 18.e5 dxe5 19.Nxe5 Qb7+ 20.Qf3 Qxf3+ 21.Kxf3 Rfd8 22.Nxd7 Nxd7 23.Ke2 Kf8 24.Rd3 Nc5 25.Rxd8+ Bxd8 26.Be3 Be7 27.g4 Ke8 28.f3 Bg5 29.f4 Be7 30.f5 Rc6 31.fxe6 fxe6 32.h3 Bf6 33.b4 Bxc3 34.Rxc3 Ne4 35.Rc1 Kd7 36.a4 e5 37.b5 axb5 38.axb5 Rf6 39.Ra1 Ng3+ 40.Kd3 Rf3 41.Ra7+ Kc8 42.Rxg7 Nf1 43.Ke2 Rxe3+ 44.Kxf1 Rxh3 45.Rg6 Rc3 46.Rxh6 Kd7 47.Rc6 Ke7 48.Ke2 e4 49.g5 Kf7 50.Kd2 Rd3+ 51.Ke2 Rc3 52.Rxb6 Rxc4 53.Ke3 Rb4 54.Rf6+ Kg7 55.b6 Kh7 56.Kf4 Kg7 57.Rc6 Kf7 58.Rc7+ Kg6 59.b7 Kh5 60.Rg7 1-0 The key to our last problem is 1.Qg4!. Black’s futile options are: 1…g5 2.Qh5#; 1…Bg5 2.Qc4#; 1…Be7 2.Qxg7#; 1…Rg5 2.Qxd7#./PN chess24.com (3.1) 2020 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.Nc3 Nc6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Nxd4 e6 6.e4 Bb4 7.Nxc6 bxc6 8.Bd3 e5 9.0-0 0-0 10.h3 d6 11.Be3 Bxc3 12.bxc3 Nd7 13.Qd2 Nc5 14.Bc2 Be6 15.Rfd1 Nb7 16.c5 dxc5 17.Qxd8 Rfxd8 18.Rxd8+ Rxd8 19.Rb1 Nd6 20.a4 Nc4 21.Bxc5 a5 22.Be7 Rc8 23.Rb7 h6 24.Kf1 c5 25.Ke1 Rc6 26.Rb5 Na3 27.Rb8+ Kh7 28.Bb3 Bxb3 29.Rxb3 Nc4 30.Rb5 Rc7 31.Bxc5 f6 32.Ke2 Rd7 33.Be3 Rc7 34.Kd3 Nxe3 35.fxe3 Rd7+ 36.Kc2 Kg6 37.Rxa5 Kg5 38.g3 h5 39.Rd5 Rc7 40.a5 1-0 ******* PUZZLERS The third leg of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, dubbed the Chessable Masters, got underway on the chess24.com server with a $150,000 prize fund and featuring twelve of the world’s top grandmasters competing in two groups of six players. The Group B hostilities have started even as we are writing this. 1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.c4 e6 4.e3 a6 5.b3 c5 6.Bd3 Nc6 7.Bb2 cxd4 8.exd4 Qa5+ 9.Nbd2 Ba3 10.Qc1 Bxb2 11.Qxb2 dxc4 12.bxc4 0-0 13.0-0 Rb8 14.Ne4 Nxe4 15.Bxe4 Bd7 16.d5 exd5 17.cxd5 Ne7 18.Ne5 Rfd8 19.Rfd1 Ng6 20.Nc4 Qc7 21.Rac1 Qf4 22.Qd4 f5 23.Bf3 Qxd4 24.Rxd4 b5 25.Na5 Ne5 26.d6 Rbc8 27.Rc7 Be6 28.Bd5 Bxd5 29.Rxd5 Nf7 30.Nc6 1-0last_img read more

Tribe hammers Twins in 10-0 win; three takeaways

first_img Mike Coutee CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins have very different goals in this four-game series. For the Tribe, it’s about gaining control in the American League Central. For the Twins, it’s about gaining momentum.With strong pitching from starter Trevor Bauer, and the offense attacking Minnesota starter Kyle Gibson at the plate, the Indians went on to win game one of the series 10-0 and improve to 62-49 and 10 games up on the Twins in the Central.Here are the three takeaways from tonight’s win. Pages: 1 2 3 4 Related Topicslast_img

Japan to host Bledisloe Cup match

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES The match will precede Australia’s European tour in November, when it takes on England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in its first Grand Slam attempt in 25 years. IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5center_img Australia’s Wallabies will face New Zealand’s All Blacks in Tokyo in October in only the second Bledisloe Cup match staged on neutral soil.The match will be played at Tokyo’s 57,000-seat National Stadium on Oct. 31, organizers announced Tuesday. It will be the fourth match in the 2009 Bledisloe Cup series.last_img

Japan spikers striving for better results at home

first_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 RELATED PHOTOS KEYWORDS Clear mission: Japan will be aiming for its first victory in the FIVB World League when it takes on Argentina this weekend. | FIVB FIVB World League center_img Japan coach Masashi Nambu, in his first season on the job, admitted that he and his squad were happy to be back home after a long journey.“After three weeks away it feels good to be back home,” Nambu said on Friday at a press conference. “Everybody is happy. We hope to play better this weekend.”Argentina (3-3) is currently in second place in Pool D behind leader France (6-0) with 11 points, while Japan is last with just one point.“We played Japan last weekend in Argentina,” said coach Julio Velasco. “They were some good, interesting games. I’m sure they will play better here. They have played outside the country for three weeks, which is tough.”Velasco, who took over as Argentina coach in late April after leading Iran to two Asian championships (2011, 2013), says he is using the World League as an opportunity to look over his new charges.“This is my first year with Argentina, so I am testing and using different players now,” stated Velasco. “The philosophy of a coach must be very pragmatic. Each team has to find a balance between the different aspects of the game. This is what we are looking at now. This is the best way to do it, rather than using the same system with different teams.”Velasco said he enjoyed his time in Iran, but that the pull of his native country brought him back home.“I was very happy to work in Iran these past years,” he commented. “I am very happy the Iran team continues to win. Argentina is a special country. It is my country and I have lived outside it for 31 years. I made the move more for emotional reasons than professional reasons.”Nambu acknowledged that he is going through a learning process the first time around.“As the new coach of Japan I feel I am gaining experience with each match,” he noted. “I can see our improvement step-by-step.”Nambu believes some of his side’s troubles so far have been self-inflicted.“Toward the end of matches we have made a lot of unforced errors,” he said. “I think that is due to lack of experience. We will fight here with all of our might.”Japan suffered a blow during training on Friday when outside spiker Tatsuya Fukuzawa injured his ankle. He has been ruled out of this weekend’s matches.Nambu also said that he will use Shinji Takahashi at setter, after Hideomi Fukatsu was hurt against Argentina last weekend.Argentina will be without the services of Pablo Bengolea, who was injured during the victories over Japan.Facundo Conte led Argentina’s sweep over Japan with 36 points in the two matches last weekend.Kunihiro Shimizu is the second-highest scorer (87 points) in the group at the halfway mark.The 25th FIVB World League features 28 teams split into seven pools of four that compete in a six-round, 12-match format.Russia is the defending World League champion, while Brazil was the runnerup last season. Komaki, Aichi Pref. – After a tough stretch on the road, Japan will aim for its first victory when it takes on Argentina in a pair of matches in FIVB World League Pool D action at Komaki Park Arena starting on Saturday.Japan (0-6) was swept by Germany, France and the South Americans the past three weeks. GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMESlast_img read more

Patterson gets the start at point guard for LSU

first_imgBATON ROUGE – One half of the promising Montverde, Florida, connection for LSU will be on display when the Tigers play at Alabama-Birmingham at 8 p.m. Thursday on the CBS Sports Network.Freshman point guard Jalyn Patterson, who was part of the Montverde Academy team that won back-to-back national prep championships in 2013 and 2014, is expected to start, as junior point guard Josh Gray has an ankle injury. Gray is averaging 11.1 points and 4.6 assists a game for the 7-2 Tigers and hit the game-winning layup to beat No. 16 West Virginia, 74-73, with 7.4 seconds to go on Dec. 4. Gray injured his ankle in the Tigers’ 76-67 win over Sam Houston State on Saturday.Sophomore shooting guard Tim Quarterman, who scored a career-high 21 at West Virginia and is averaging 11.8 points and 5.3 rebounds, is also “banged up,” according to coach Johnny Jones.Patterson is averaging only 2.2 points a game in nine games this season and 13.6 minutes an outing as he has been slowed by a minor injury himself. But Jones is ready to start him if need be.“He’s a good ball handler, a good passer and doesn’t take a lot of chances,” Jones said. “He’s a very capable scorer. He’s been in that position before. He just hasn’t been at this level for any stretches of time. But we’re very confident in him in the role that he may have to play. The only difference is the number of minutes he can play. It’s going to depend on how long he can go.”Patterson averaged 12.1 points and 4.1 assists for Montverde last season and led the team in 3-point field goal percentage at 48.9. Many of his assists were to 6-foot-8 forward Ben Simmons, an LSU early signee last November who is considered the No. 1 player in the nation.“Whatever the coaches need me to do,” Patterson said before the season in an interview with NOLA.com. “I just do what a point guard does. I help my teammates and find ways they can score the ball. All my career, I’ve been a player like that.”UAB (4-6) is coming off a 79-71 win over UNC-Asheville. The Tigers are making their final road trip before opening Southeastern Conference play on Jan. 8 at Missouri. LSU hosts Charleston on Dec. 22, followed by Southern Mississippi on Dec. 29 and Savannah State on Jan. 3.“It will certainly be a great challenge for us at UAB,” Jones said. “It’s going to give us an opportunity to go on the road to see if we can continue to improve. We may be a little hampered because of injuries, and it may cause us to shuffle our lineup. We have had adversity, and our kids have done an excellent job of filling that void and being able to fight through it. We are going to be presented with that same type of challenge on Thursday night.”last_img read more