Your Voice: Incumbents do not represent Farmington residents

first_img admin Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) (Editor’s note: The letter writer is responding to this endorsement editorial published in the Farmington Observer: Incumbents the choices in local races.)To the editor:I can’t help but react to the editorial, “Incumbents the best choices in local races” in the October 26 issue of the Farmington Observer.(The) inclusion of their accomplishments and involvement as current Council Members in the development of the City recommending a high-rise, high-density apartment building in the Maxfield Training Center location and their support of the master plan that will relocate the current City Hall, the Department of Public Safety and the Library from their current central locations in the downtown area and away from the city’s main artery of Grand River Avenue are the exact and main reasons why these incumbents do not represent us.Why would they support bringing renters into the most prime location of the city’s downtown?Why even consider adding an average of 300 to 400 people to an already congested downtown where parking is already a problem? Do they even know that by putting a high-density apartment building in that area could actually reduce the property values of those beautiful, historic homes around it?What about the effect that an additional 300-400 renters will have on the city’s public safety? On a tax-revenue perspective, owner-occupied housing will bring in more tax revenues, not to mention residents who care more about their properties. We, as homeowners in downtown Farmington, pay a premium to live in this area.Regarding the site of the City Hall, the Public Safety Department and the Library – what do you think these incumbents are thinking? Shouldn’t these buildings be in a central downtown location and on the main crossroads of the city (Grand River Ave. & Farmington Rd.) where they already are?Building another stacked/multi-level condos or townhomes in this location similar to those new constructions in Royal Oak or Livonia will ruin the neighborhood’s landscape, an open green space and a memorial park, and disturb the character of a quaint, historical downtown. The City of Farmington has its own unique appeal and nowhere near the size of these cities.To the new candidates, Maria Taylor and Joe LaRussa – you are our future, you are our voices. Heed our plea!Zita CollinsFarmington Reported bylast_img read more

World’s First Heat Sensitive Transistor Creates a Detectable Current by Changing Temperature

first_imgResearchers – Dan Zhao and Simone Fabiano – at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, have created a thermoelectric organic transistor, which can be controlled by a change in temperature. A temperature rise of a single degree is sufficient to cause a detectable current modulation in the transistor. The heat-driven transistor opens up the possibility of many new applications such as detecting small temperature differences, and using functional medical dressings in which the healing process can be monitored.This research team is the first in the world to present a transistor, that is controlled by a heat signal instead of an electrical signal. According to them, it is also possible to produce circuits controlled by the heat present in infrared light for use in heat cameras and other applications. The high sensitivity to heat is 100 times greater than traditional thermoelectric materials, means that a single connector from the heat-sensitive electrolyte, which acts as sensor, to the transistor circuit is sufficient. One sensor can be combined with one transistor to create a “smart pixel.”A matrix of smart pixels can then be used, for example, instead of the sensors that are currently used to detect infrared radiation in heat cameras. With more developments, the new technology can potentially enable a new heat camera in mobile phones at a low cost, since the materials required are neither expensive, rare nor hazardous.The heat-driven transistor builds on research that led to production of a supercapacitor charged by the sun’s rays a year ago. In the capacitor, heat is converted to electricity, which can then be stored in the capacitor until it is needed.The researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics had searched among conducting polymers and produced a liquid electrolyte with a 100 times greater ability to convert a temperature gradient to electric voltage than the electrolytes previously used. The liquid electrolyte consists of ions and conducting polymer molecules. The positively charged ions are small and move rapidly, while the negatively charged polymer molecules are large and heavy. When one side is heated, the small ions move rapidly towards the cold side and a voltage difference arises.Dan Zhao and Simone Fabiano have shown, after many hours in the laboratory, that it is fully possible to build electronic circuits that are controlled by a heat signal. Click here to read the published article.last_img read more

Satellite Antenna Market Worth $2.99 Billion by 2022

first_imgThe Satellite Antenna Market is is projected to reach USD $2.99 Billion by 2022, increasing from USD 2.05 Billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 7.85% during the forecast period. The growth of this market is driven by the demand for advanced, energy-efficient, and lightweight antennas, which offer enhanced life span, functionalities, and reliability in a cost-effective way.This projection is the part of report “Satellite Antenna Market by Antenna Type (Parabolic Reflector, Flat Panel, FRP, Horn, Iron), Component (Reflector, Feed Horn, Feed Networks), Platform (Land, Space, Maritime, Airborne), Frequency Bands (K/KA/KU, C, X), & Region – Global Forecast to 2022”, published by MarketsandMarkets.The parabolic reflector antenna segment is estimated to hold the largest share of the satellite antenna market in 2017 and is also expected to be the largest segment throughout the forecast period. However, the flat panel antenna segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period due to the rise in use of small satellites for navigational purposes as well as for surveillance by defense authorities worldwide. There has been an increase in research and development activities for satellites in the US as well as in emerging economies, such as India and China, over the past few years, which is pushing the growth of parabolic reflector antenna segment worldwide.Satellite systems are now a vital part of the global ecosystem and continue to play a major role in daily lives of people across the world. Satellite systems are used in a wide array of applications, such as telecommunications, weather monitoring, TV broadcasting services, military, and navigation, among others. This has resulted in the increasing demand for satellite antennas to cater such applications. Based on platform, the land-based satellite antennas segment is expected to dominate the satellite antenna market. Land-based satellite antennas are widely used to obtain real-time information during warfare. Detection of objects, tracking, and reporting functions are performed by military satellite antennas. Furthermore, land-based systems can effectively locate unexploded ordinance and tunnels. Movement near exterior walls as well as critical infrastructures and buildings can be traced using land-based satellite antennas. Land-based satellite antennas are used, along with airborne, naval, and space satellites for target integration.The major driver for the satellite antenna market in North America is technological advancements, which have led to an improvement in antenna transmission capacity and in minimizing the cost of launching satellites for commercial and military applications. The latest developments in technologies, such as propulsion technology and spacecraft design, and advancements in Earth observation services have also contributed towards the growth of this market. Moreover, the high demand for satellites from NASA, the US Department of Defense, and the private sector, along with the rising demand for satellites in the defense sector due to their contribution in terms of providing persistent surveillance fuel the satellite antenna market.Click here to download the report.last_img read more

45 Degree High Gain Sector Antennas for WISP Applications

first_imgKP Performance Antennas, an Infinite Electronics brand, has released a new line of 33-degree and 45-degree, high gain sector antennas. The new antennas are ideal for wireless internet service provider (WISP) applications such as base station access point antennas.The new small-angle ProLine Series of sector antennas consists of three models that deliver interference mitigation with azimuth and elevation side-lobe suppression. These small-angle sectors offer ease and customization of installation with included brackets and hoisting hook. They are ideal for frequency-reuse and LTE deployments in the 2 GHz band.The antennas feature extremely high front-to-back ratios and small side-lobes, helping to reduce noise in the link. The line is offered with 2 or 4 ports and a frequency range of 2300-2700 MHz or 4900-5900 MHz, depending on the model. They also boast 33° or 45° azimuth beam-width and 19-20 dBi of gain.The high-gain, small-angle sector antennas feature excellent side-lobe suppression and high front-to-back performance while serving tighter coverage areas with higher gain, equating to more subscribers to a single antenna.Click here to learn more about the new ProLine Series sector antennas.last_img read more

Antara Viaduct, MRT dan Pergeseran Makna

first_imgMemang, secara fisik jembatan-jembatan yang nantinya akan digunakan sebagai lintasan MRT sudah mulai menghiasi beberapa titik di Ibu Kota, khususnya daerah Jakarta Selatan. Viaduct yang digunakan oleh MRT ini merupakan salah satu solusi yang ditempuh mengingat ketidaktersediannya lahan di darat. Proyek moda transportasi masa depan Jakarta ini, khususnya di pengerjaan fisik, tengah fokus terhadap box girder dan parapet. Setelah itu semua selesai, maka pekerjaan akan dilanjutkan pada pemasangan rel, pengerjaan track sleeper, dan pemasangan OCS.Baca Juga: Cikubang, Jembatan Kereta Terpanjang di IndonesiaBerbicara soal viaduct, beberapa dari Anda mungkin masih menerka-nerka apa sih viaduct itu. Viaduct sendiri merupakan sebuah jembatan atau jalan di atas jalan raya, jalan kereta api, di atas lembah atau sungai yang lebar. Secara etimologis viaduct berasal dari bahasa Latin yang memiliki arti melalui jalan atau menuju sesuatu arah. Dengan kata lain, viaduct sendiri merupakan sebutan lain untuk sebuah jembatan.Sumber: istimewaMelirik ke kota dengan julukan Paris van Java, Bandung, kota ini juga memiliki sebuah viaduct yang dimana istilah tersebut sudah menjadi identifikasi kawasan. Viaduct di Bandung sendiri terkenal karena dijadikan salah satu latar pengambilan gambar dari beberapa sinetron Tanah Air. Adapun moda yang melintasi di atas viaduct Bandung adalah kereta api yang mengarah ke stasiun Kiaracondong yang terletak di Bandung Timur. Letaknya tidak terlalu jauh dari Stasiun Bandung, dan disinyalir sudah berdiri tegak sejak era kolonial Belanda.Baca Juga: Cisomang, Serba-Serbi Jembatan Kereta Tertinggi di IndonesiaLain halnya dengan di Surabaya, dimana viaduk diasosiasikan dengan jalan kereta api melintasi samping Tugu Pahlawan atau jalan kereta api yang melintasi Jalan Kertajaya. Dengan kata lain, sudah terjadi pergeseran makna dari istilah viaduct sendiri.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedBox Girder MRT Jakarta Terakhir Sambungkan Jalur Lebak Bulus-Bundaran HI01/11/2017In “Darat”Sistem Tiket MRT Jakarta Mengacu Ke Singapura, Paling Jauh Ditaksir U$106/07/2017In “Darat”Jelang Operasional Penuh, MRT Jakarta Perkenalkan ‘Kartu Jelajah’ untuk Transaksi06/02/2019In “Darat” Sumber: detik Proyek Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) yang tengah dikerjakan di sejumlah titik di Jakarta Selatan kerap kali menimbulkan kemacetan. Walaupun sebagian jalur MRT tersebut merupakan jalur bawah tanah, namun untuk jalur Lebak Bulus – Senayan yang tengah digarap tersebut lebih banyak menggunakan viaduct, dimana nantinya moda MRT akan beroperasi di atas jembatan. Hingga kini, PT. MRT Jakarta (PT MRTJ) masih berusaha untuk menuntaskan pembangunan jalur MRT yang diketahui sudah hampir rampung tersebut.Baca Juga: Barelang, Jembatan Dengan Seribu Nama dan CeritaAdapun William Sabandara selaku Direktur Utama PT MRT Jakarta mengutarakan ambisinya yang percaya proyek ini akan selesai dalam waktu dekat. “Kami masih optimis hingga akhir tahun ini perkembangan dapat mencapai angka 93 persen,” ujarnya seperti yang diliput, Senin (14/8/2017). Sedangkan Agung Wicaksono selaku Direktur Operasi dan Pemeliharaan PT MRT Jakartra, menyampaikan kesiapan operasi MRT secara keseluruhan per tanggal 4 Agustus kemarin. “Kini kita sudah berada di posisi 25,58 persen. Termasuk kesiapan institusi, mitra dan sumber daya manusia,” jelas Agung.last_img read more

Masih Misterius, Penyidik Perancis Curigai Adanya Peran Entitas Ketiga di Insiden Hilangnya MH370

first_imgSebagaimana yang dilansir dari laman (24/10/2018), salah satu anggota keluarga korban tragedi MH370, Ghyslain Wattrelos mengaku telah diberitahu tentang teori sensasional oleh salah satu penyidik, Gendarmerie Air Transport (GTA) – teori tentang entitas ketiga. Ghyslain mengaku GTA telah mengidentifikasi suspect yang disinyalir memiliki informasi dan/atau data yang berkenaan dengan manuver terakhir pesawat sebelum menghilang.“GTA telah menyoroti ‘ketidakkonsistenan’ dalam penyelidikan resmi yang dilakukan oleh pihak berwenang Malaysia, serta keberadaan penumpang ‘ganjil’ yang latar belakangnya perlu diperiksa dengan cermat,” ujar Ghyslain.“Kami kecewa dan sedikit marah ketika mendengar pernyataan tentang pemberhentian penyelidikan MH370, dan saya rasa sudah saatnya Amerika benar-benar bekerja sama dalam mengusut tuntas insiden ini,” tandasnya.Ghyslain menambahkan, tim GTA kini tengah berusaha untuk menentukan apakah entitas ketiga ini telah menjual perangkat lunak yang mampu memprogram ulang atau bahkan meretas Satcom, yang berkomunikasi dengan satelit Inmarsat dari pesawat atau tidak. Sekira hipotesa ini terbukti (hilangnya MH370 karena diretas oleh entitas ketiga), maka semua pertanyaan terkait insiden ini akan terjawab sudah.Baca Juga: Empat Tahun Pasca Hilangnya MH370, Malaysian Airlines Rilis Laporan Investigasi“Entah mereka yang salah atau diretas, namun jejak penting insiden ini terletak pada data yang dipegang oleh Inmarsat,” kata Ghyslain.Hingga saat ini, salah satu pihak yang masih aktif menyelidiki insiden hilangnya MH370 ini adalah Perancis. Sumber: Masih misterius. Itulah frasa yang tepat untuk menggambarkan situasi terkini dari hilangnya pesawat Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Ya, pesawat yang dikabarkan hilang kontak sejak 8 Maret 2014 ini tengah berada dalam perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur International Airport menuju Beijing Capital International Airport. Banyak spekulasi terkait hilangnya maskapai ini, namun satu hipotesa yang kini tengah ramai diperbincangkan oleh banyak pihak adalah hadirnya entitas ketiga yang berperan serta dalam hilangnya MH370.Baca Juga: Penyidik Asal Australia Temukan Puing yang Dianggap Sebagai Serpihan Malaysia Airlines MH370!Setelah pada pemberitaan sebelumnya yang berisikan pengakuan salah seorang penyidik asal Australia yang melihat ‘dugaan’ serpihan body dari Boeing 777-200ER yang digunakan oleh MH370, kini spekulasi hadirnya entitas ketiga sebagai peretas maskapai ini tengah ramai digunjingkan. Para peneliti yang berasal dari Perancislah yang pertama menelurkan spekulasi ini. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedEmpat Tahun Pasca Hilangnya MH370, Malaysian Airlines Rilis Laporan Investigasi01/08/2018In “Featured”Penyidik Asal Australia Temukan Puing yang Dianggap Sebagai Serpihan Malaysia Airlines MH370!19/03/2018In “Basis Aplikasi”Hipotesa Misteri MH370 Berlanjut, Peneliti Percaya Pesawat Telah Dibajak dan ‘Enggan’ Ditemukan04/09/2019In “Featured”last_img read more

CAF awards 2019: Oshoala targets win for the fourth time to beat Nkwocha’s record

first_imgSuper Falcons forward Asisat Oshoala targets African Women Footballer of the Year award for the fourth time at the 2019 Awards ceremony scheduled for Tuesday at the Citadel Azure, Hurghada, Egypt.Perpetua Nkwocha, a former Super Falcons striker is the record holder, having won the award four times.Oshoala, who currently plays for Barcelona Ladies, was crowned Africa’s best female footballer in 2014, 2016 and 2017. The 25-year-old made the final shortlist last year but lost out to South Africa’s Thembi Kgatlana.Oshoala helped Nigeria to the FIFA Women’s World Cup knockout stage for the first time in 20 years at the 2019 edition in France.She also inspired Barcelona to a runners-up spot in the UEFA Women’s Champions League last season, scoring in the 4-1 defeat to Olympic Lyon in the final.Standing between Oshoala and her fourth crown are Cameroon’s Ajara Nchout and current holder, Kgatlana.last_img read more

Patterson says he’s making tough decisions for Texas

first_imgAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas athletic director Steve Patterson made no apology on Friday for making “tough decisions” that have angered some fans in his first year and a half on the job, and insisted his goal is to make the Longhorns’ program the best in the country.Patterson sat down with reporters Friday amid multiple reports that his job could be in jeopardy, and a public acknowledgment earlier from school President Greg Fenves that some fans and key donors are frustrated. Fenves and Patterson met earlier in the day for the third time in less than two months.“We have an excellent working relationship,” Patterson said. “He’s an engaged CEO. We have broad-ranging and candid conversations about academics, athletics and financing, buildings and operations … I feel really good about it.”Patterson took over the Texas program in November 2013, replacing DeLoss Dodds, who retired after 32 years. Where Dodds had a casual, folksy personality, Patterson has been more direct with aggressive attempts to raise money at a program that already ranks among the wealthiest in the country.Among his most contentious decisions was raising football ticket prices and steep new charges for parking after a losing season. Patterson also has forced significant changes in the ticket policies for faculty and staff and pushed to expand marketing of the Texas brand. One of his key initiatives is to build an endowment for each sport.“Some people may like what we are doing and some people may not,” Patterson said. “Somebody’s got to make tough decisions … What can you count on? Death, taxes and change. If we are going to provide the best in services, we are going to have to evolve.”Patterson said he’s willing to meet with any donors who may have been upset by any of the changes to explain them. He said a lunch meeting with a donor on Friday ended with a $750,000 donation.“If there is somebody out there we need to go talk to, (women’s athletic director Chris Plonsky) and I aren’t shy about that,” Patterson said.last_img read more

Prep Soccer Scoreboard- Thursday, August 27th

first_img 1080p HD 720p HD About Connatix V56490 360p Auto (360p) Local prep soccer teams took to the pitch Thursday in the first day of action for most St. Cloud Metro-area teams. Here’s a look at how things shook out on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.BOYS SOCCERApollo 3, Willmar 1Sartell 1, Alexandria 0Moorhead 4, ROCORI 1GIRLS SOCCERCathedral 1, LF 1Alexandria 2, Sartell 1Willmar 2, Apollo 1center_img About Connatix V56490 Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Skip 1/1 There are no matches scheduled for Friday.St. Cloud Sports Year In ReviewPHOTO: Dave OverlundSartell FootballSartell topped Alexandria in the snow to snap a skid. PHOTO: Joel BaumgartenRocori FootballThe Rocori Football team took home the section 8AAAA championship in snowy Alexandria. PHOTO: Sarah MuellerRocori FootballRocori fans braved the cold to cheer on the Spartans at the State Tourney.PHOTO: Sarah Mueller, WJONRocori FootballRocori Fans at US Bank Stadium for the state semis.PHOTO: Sarah MuellerRocori FootballROCORI QB Jack Steil calls the signals for the Spartans at the State Tourney .PHOTO: Dave OverlundCathedral Hockey 2019Cathedral clobbered Greenway in a state tourney rematch .PHOTO: Dave Overlund, WJONCathedral HockeyCathedral takes 6A Title.PHOTO: Dave Overlund Cathedral HockeyJack Smith warms up before Cathedral’s semifinal game against Hermantown.PHOTO: Dave Overlund (AM 1390 Granite City Sports)Apollo vs Sauk Rapids-RiceApollo girls hoops takes on the Storm in Sauk Rapids.PHOTO: Dave OverlundSartell Youth Hockey WildThe MInnesota Wild came to Sartell for their Youth Hockey Spotlight. PHOTO: Dave Overlund, WJONMike Modano SartellMike Modano behind the Sabres’ bench.PHOTO: Kelly McCarneySartell-St.-Stephen-Dance-Team-2-Courtesy-Kelly-McCarneySartell Dance at State. PHOTO: Roger MischkeSauk Rapids WrestlingSauk Rapids-Rice wrestler Andrew Wollak won his 100th match. PHOTO: Dave OverlundApollo BasketballThe Apollo boys basketball team celebrates their section title.PHOTO: Dave Overlund Apollo BasketballApollo captures section title.last_img read more

Malayalam News – Big responsibility; Tinu John | Tinu Yohannan talks…

first_imgTinu JohnKochi: Tinu John says he has been appointed as the coach of the Kerala cricket team. There is lots of joy. Tinu said that as a bowling coach, it is beneficial to know the players directly.Tinu Yohannan is replacing legendary David Whatmore, so hiring is a challenge. The team played well last season but did not get the results they expected. This time the best result should be made. Speaking to News18, the star said that the team will work together. TRENDING:Viral | Principal of Kanpur Medical College, calling Tab League activists militants; Criticism of UP government[NEWS]Outlawing physical contact with people who do not live together: UK with new lockdown law [NEWS]‘We must learn to live with the virus’; Rukesh Jhunjhunwala: Government should look at opening the economy now [NEWS]He was the bowling coach of the Kerala team. You know each player individually. So it will not be difficult to move the team.Next season’s matchup has not been decided due to Kovid. After that the team will be fully equipped to train. Kerala has some great players. Tinu said he wanted Robin Uthappa and Jalaj Saxena to continue. Follow on Facebook, Youtube, Helo, Sharechat, Twitter and Instagram First published: June 1, 2020last_img read more