Police: Toddler calls 911 after being trapped in hot car with six other children

first_imgTommL/iStock(WASHINGTON) — A Maryland toddler called 911 after being trapped inside a hot car with six other children in a shopping mall parking lot, officials said. Dispatchers received a 911 call on Saturday afternoon “from a child indicating he and six other children were inside a car unattended and hot,” according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Using GPS and other means, the child was able to give the 911 operator the location of the vehicle at the St. Charles Towne Center, police said.Deputies who arrived on scene found seven children inside the car with the windows rolled up and the car turned off.Officers found the children to be “scared” and “sweaty,” according to ABC Virginia Affiliate WJLA-TV.The children inside the car were all between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, police said. A 4-year-old was the one who called 911, WJLA reported.The driver of the car, a 37-year-old woman, arrived at the vehicle about 10 minutes later, police said.Police said the woman, who is the mother of two of the children and babysitting the others, was inside the mall for at least 20 minutes shopping.The woman instructed the children not to leave the vehicle, authorities told WJLA.The woman was charged with confinement of children inside a motor vehicle. Her name was not released due to the nature of the crime and to protect the victims, police said.Police referred the case to the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office for possible additional charges.Social services is assisting in the investigation, officials said. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Amber Guyger convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing of innocent man

first_imgBCFC/iStock(DALLAS) — A Texas jury rejected former Dallas police officer Amber Guyer’s self-defense claims and convicted her on Tuesday of murder in the fatal 2018 shooting of an innocent man eating ice cream in his own home after mistaking his apartment for her own.The 12-member jury reached its verdict deliberating for less than two days. Guyger stood and stared at the panel as the jury foreperson read the decision of guilty.The family members of Botham Jean, the neighbor Guyger shot to death on Sept. 6, 2018, burst into tears as the jury granted them a measure of justice.The 31-year-old Guyger, who was fired from the Dallas Police Department days after the shooting, faces a prison sentence of five to 99 years.The verdict followed a trial lasted a little over a week, in which the jury was sequestered the whole time.The Dallas County jury began deliberations Monday afternoon after prosecutors told them in their closing argument that Guyger made a series of “unreasonable decisions” that cost an innocent man his life. Defense attorneys countered that she made “reasonable” mistakes that led her to resort to lethal force because she believed her life was in jeopardy.The jury came to its decision after asking for clarification on the definition of manslaughter and a clearer explanation of the Castle Doctrine, a legal protection for a homeowner who uses deadly force inside their home against an intruder.Guyger’s defense team attempted to use the Castle Doctrine, which is similar to Florida’s “stand your ground” law, as a defense, arguing that while she was in the wrong apartment, in her mind she believed she was in her own unit, which was a floor below Jean. The prosecution countered that the Castle Doctrine did not apply in the case.Before the jurors began deliberations, Dallas County District Court Judge Tammy Kemp gave them a series of instructions, including offering the panel the option of weighing whether Guyger committed murder or manslaughter when she mistakenly entered the apartment of her neighbor, Botham Jean, and fatally shot him believing he was an intruder.In his closing argument on Monday, Dallas County Assistant District attorney Jason Fine stood before jurors and asked them to reject Guyer’s “crazy” contention that she shot the 26-year-old Jean in self-defense because she believed she was in her own apartment and that the victim, who was sitting on his couch eating ice cream, was going to kill her.Fine began by reading from a piece of paper an excerpt from Guyger’s testimony last week, in which she said, “I never want anybody to have to go through or even imagine going through what I felt that night.”“Are you kidding me? That is garbage,” Fine said, crumpling up the paper and throwing it in the trash. “Most of what she said was garbage. Ninty-nine percent of this trial has been about the defendant.”Fine asked the jury to put themselves in the shoes of both Jean and Guyger when they entered the deliberation room.“He’s eating ice cream on his couch. So, if you’re sitting and eating ice cream you get shot in the heart? Is that what we’re saying?” Fine said.“This has to do with that defendant making unreasonable decisions that put her in that seat and Bo in the ground,” Fine said pointing to Guyger at the defense table.Guyger, who had been a Dallas police officer for four years, testified in her own defense.She told the jury that on the night of the shooting she was tired from a long day at work and mistakenly parked on the wrong floor. She said the parking floors at her apartment building were not clearly marked.She reenacted how she reached the apartment door, with her backpack, lunchbox and police vest in her left hand, and testified that she heard the sound of someone walking inside.When Guyger put the key into the lock that night, she said she noticed the door was “cracked open” and that putting the key into the lock forced the door open to the dark apartment. Guyger said she had experienced problems getting the door to lock completely at her apartment.Jean, an accountant for the international auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, was sitting on his couch when Guyger opened his front door and shot him without giving him a chance to surrender, prosecutors said.Guyger said she saw the silhouette of a figure, so she pulled her “gun out and I yelled at him.”She told the jurors the figure was moving around and she could not see his hands, and that the man “was yelling, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ in an aggressive voice.”Guyger reenacted the next moment for the jurors, holding her right hand out as if she was holding a gun. Guyger said Jean was moving toward her when she fired.Her attorney asked why she fired, and Guyger replied, “I was scared he was gonna kill me.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Mission council rejects name ‘Celebration Park’ for small park near new apartments

first_imgThe preliminary design for the park at Broadmoor and Martway in Mission.Mission will be getting a small park later this year when the Welstone at Mission Crossing senior housing project is finished, but a name that had been suggested for the park didn’t make the cut.The city council rejected the name “Celebration Park” during a committee discussion Wednesday night. The park naming process will go back to the parks and recreation committee and suggestions will be accepted from the public.The Celebration Park name was forwarded to the council for action after a public hearing last month drew nobody speaking for or against it. The name dates back to 2011 when the parks committee solicited names from the public and received 35 suggestions. The name originally was submitted by the parks committee and tree board in January 2013.Part of the idea for the celebration theme included the prospect that developments on the east and west ends of city, including the Gateway project at Roe and Johnson Drive, would be completed or well under way and the name would make that celebration.“You are not going to hurt anyone’s feelings,” said Parks Director Christy Humerickhouse, in reaction to the council rejection. The name met with no enthusiasm from the council members and Councilor Suzie Gibbs recommended it go back to the committees and ask residents to weigh in on the name.The park will be less than one acre at the southwest corner of Martway and Broadmoor. The land was donated by the developer of the apartment project along with $100,000 to design and construct the park. The land is currently being used to store construction materials.The council also saw preliminary designs for the park Wednesday and asked for more pricing information to select which amenities will be included in the final project.Among the names submitted in 2011 were Broadway Park, Waymoor Park, Trails West, Yearbook Plaza, The Mission Green, The Fields of Mission, Martway Meadows, Westgate Park, The Mission Glen, Breyfogle Family Park, Wagon West Park, Clear Spring Park, Santa Fe Trail Park, and McConwell Park among many others. Several of the names on the list related to Mission’s history as a rest stop along the Santa Fe Trail or other early history.The city does have a protocol for naming parks. It suggests neighborhood or boundary roads, geographic features, historical events or cultural attributes, historical figures, an individual who has made a civic contribution or a monetary contribution to the parks system. Unless a stipulation of a donation, parks are not named for living individuals.last_img read more

Nobody likes a freeloader—including four-year-old kids

first_imgIt may come as a shock to parents of young children, but preschoolers are more cooperative than we realize.In a novel study to find out how early our instinct for cooperation begins, Yale researchers performed an experiment with kids between the ages of four and 10. The goal was to find out how kids felt about “free riders”—people who fail to contribute to a common project, but reap the benefits from it.The result? Starting as young as four, kids turn out to dislike free riders intensely, “punishing” those who freeloaded even if they had good reason not to contribute.“Kids have a pretty strong set of pro-social intuitions around fairness and cooperation, and the need to contribute to larger public goods,” said Yarrow Dunham, assistant professor of psychology and co-author of the paper published in Psychological Science. Read the whole story: Quartzlast_img read more

Dairy Industry Report: Lower milk prices drive Dean Foods profits

first_imgLower milk prices drive Dean profitsDespite lower sales volume, lower raw milk costs improved profitability for Dean Foods.advertisementadvertisementFirst-quarter sales volume fell 3.2 percent from a year earlier; sales value fell from $1.88 billion from $2.5 billion during the first quarter of 2015. Dean Foods’ share of U.S. fluid milk volumes decreased to 34.6 percent in the first quarter of 2016.Yet the Dallas-based company posted first-quarter earnings of $39 million, compared with a loss of $74 million for the same period a year ago.The first quarter 2016 average Class I Mover, a measure of raw milk costs, was $14.49 per hundredweight, down 11 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015 and nearly 14 percent less than the first quarter of 2015.Gregg Tanner, Dean’s CEO, expects sales volumes and raw milk costs to decline further in the second quarter of 2016.The second quarter 2016 average Class I Mover is forecast at $13.49 per hundredweight, about 7 percent less than the first quarter of 2016 and down 15 percent decline year-over-year.advertisementAgropur fires shot in Canadian-U.S. border battleAgropur Cooperative became the first Canadian dairy processor to halt use of imported diafiltered milk from the U.S. under a temporary national program to encourage the use of Canadian milk in cheese manufacturing.The targeted pricing program gives dairy processors access to Canadian “Class 4(m)” milk protein concentrates at reduced prices, effective May 1 through July 31, 2016.Diafiltered milk, called ultrafiltered (UF) milk in the U.S., was given duty-free access into Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, in 2008, Canada adopted cheese-manufacturing standards requiring a minimum percentage of protein used in making cheese must be sourced directly from fluid milk.The temporary program does not ban UF imports from the U.S. It does, however, make those products less economically competitive for use by Canadian processors.Read Progressive Dairyman’s full article.Umpqua Dairy wins ‘Quality Chekd’ awardsOregon-based Umpqua Dairy Products Company received the 2016 Production Excellence Award in cultured products and ice cream categories within the Quality Chekd membershipadvertisementThe selection criteria includes a plant audit and evaluation of all plant processes and systems for assuring product quality, as well as monthly laboratory test scores.Quality Chekd Dairies, Inc. is a member-owned organization of 26 independent dairy processors with 59 manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States and Colombia.Saputo names new presidentKai Bockmann was named president and chief operating officer (COO) of Saputo Inc., effective April 1. He succeeded Dino Dello Sbarba, who retired.Bockmann, who joined Saputo in January 2012, will also continue to serve as president and COO of the company’s international sector. Sbarba will serve as his senior advisor.Saputo, one of the 10 largest dairy processors in the world, produces, markets and distributes cheese, fluid milk, extended shelf-life milk and cream products, cultured products and dairy ingredients. It is the largest cheese manufacturer and the leading fluid milk and cream processor in Canada, the third-largest dairy processor in Argentina, and the fourth-largest in Australia. In the U.S., Saputo ranks among the top three cheese producers and is one of the largest producers of extended shelf-life and cultured dairy products.Humboldt Creamery organic ice cream headed to WalmartCalifornia-based Humboldt Creamery will distribute its super-premium organic ice cream in more than 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide.The line initially includes four organic flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint chip, sold in 40-ounce containers.Humboldt Creamery was founded in 1929 and has been owned by the Foster family since 2009. It produces a variety of premium organic dairy products, including fluid milk, ice cream, butter, cottage cheese and sour cream.Alpina expanding yogurt plantNew York yogurt producer Alpina Foods Inc. will expand its Batavia plant for a separate new line of drinkable yogurt products. The $1.1 million project is expected to start this summer, according to Buffalo Business First.Dean acquires Friendly’s Ice Cream Dean Foods Company agreed to acquire Friendly’s Ice Cream for $155 million in cash. The transaction is expected to close late in the second quarter of 2016.Friendly produces ice cream and other frozen dessert products, with distribution in more than 8,000 retail outlets in the northeastern U.S. It reported $166 million in net sales in 2015.In addition to acquiring Friendly’s manufacturing and retail ice cream business, Dean Foods will acquire the Friendly’s trademark and all intellectual property associated with the ice cream business.Friendly’s Restaurants will continue to be owned and operated by an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. and will license use of the Friendly’s trademark under a license agreement with Dean.Prairie Farms adding to specialty milk lineupIllinois-based Prairie Farms Dairy is adding to its Chef’s Splendor line of specialty milks for summer.Three new flavors, blended with 100 percent real milk, include Honey Cookie Milk, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Sea Salt Caramel. The company has introduced 21 specialty milk flavors since 2015.Prairie Farms is a Midwest dairy cooperative with more than 600 farm family members. It has 35 manufacturing plants, more than 100 distribution facilities with a footprint covering more than 30 percent of the U.S. The co-op’s annual sales top $3 billion.Hiland Dairy launches organic milkMissouri-based Hiland Dairy Foods Company added organic milk to its product line, available in gallons and half gallons.Founded in 1937, Hiland operates processing facilities in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. It has distribution in 11 states throughout the Midwest.Burnett Dairy Cooperative introducing cheese flavorsWisconsin-based Burnett Dairy Cooperative will introduce new flavors of string cheese and artisan cheese at June’s Dairy-Deli-Bake Expo in Houston, Texas.Burnett Dairy’s new Garden Veggie variety of natural mozzarella string cheese joins the cooperative’s line, which already includes Pepperoni Pizza, Zesty Teriyaki, Hot Pepper Beef, Smoked and Creamy Original.Burnett Dairy said its Wood River Creamery artisanal cheese line will introduce five new flavors, and be sourced from dairy farms providing milk not produced using recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST).Midwest Dairy Association urges ‘Dairy 3 for Me’ pledgeThe Midwest Dairy Association (MDA) is urging consumers to commit to three daily servings of dairy products during June Dairy Month.Recently, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines reaffirmed dairy’s important place in the diet by maintaining its recommendation that people ages nine and older consume three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy foods every day.In celebration of June Dairy Month, consumers can visit the MDA website and take the “Dairy 3 for Me” pledge.By committing to the pledge, consumers are eligible to win three weekly prizes, and be entered in a drawing for a $250 retail gift card at a grocery store.March U.S. restaurant sales, traffic mixedSame-store sales and customer traffic results were mixed in March, but National Restaurant Association members remain cautiously optimistic about business conditions in the months ahead.The NRA’s Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) consists of two components: the Current Situation Index (measuring current trends), and the Expectations Index (measuring restaurant operators’ six-month outlook).Forty-six percent of restaurant operators reported a same-store sales gain between March 2015 and March 2016, while 38 percent reported a sales decline.Thirty-eight percent of restaurant operators expect to have higher sales in six months (compared to the same period in the previous year), down from 46 percent who reported similarly last month. Only 13 percent of restaurant operators expect their sales volume in six months to be lower.  PD Dave NatzkeEditorProgressive DairymanEmail Dave [email protected] Dean Foods reported lower milk costs and higher profits. Saputo ends use of ultrafiltered milk imported from the U.S. Also, dairy companies from California to New York announced new innovations. This and other U.S. dairy industry news can be found here.last_img read more

Getting to the Gate: Swansea City

first_imgImproved matchday bus services have been launched for the upcoming season offering free parking and return travel from £1.80 per person.FIND YOUR SEATTHE HEADLINESAG1 and AG2 will operate with additional post-match capacityThe Number 24 route from Southmead and the city centre will now use a double-decker bus for increased capacity. Fans who use this route from Ashton Vale will now need to use the 24A busFans can find their best route using public transport by using the TravelWest journey planner travelwest.info/matchdayDEDICATED SUPPORTER BUS SERVICESAG1 – Portway Park & RideFirst departure: 12.45pmLast departure: 2.30pmFrequency: every 15 minutesJourney time: 20 minutesCollects: along the Portway at Station Road, Woodwell Road, Park Road, Riverleaze, Roman WayDrop-Off: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton GatePost-match departure: The Robins Pub, Winterstoke Road. Last return 6.40pmParking: freeAG2 – Brislington Park & RideFirst departure: 12.45pmLast departure: 2.25pmFrequency: every 20 minutesJourney time: 20 minutesDirect serviceDrop-Off: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton GatePost-match departure: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton Gate. Last return 6.40pmParking: freeAG4 – South BristolDeparts from Whitchurch, Wharnecliffe Gardens: 1.30pmFrequency: one bus onlyJourney time: 30 minutesCollects: Priddy Drive, Heathfield Crescent, South Bristol Hospital, Skills Academy, Bridge Campus, Lampton Avenue, Hollisters Drive, Bishport Avenue Lay-By, Crosscombe Drive, Fair Furlong, Newland Drive, Queen’s Road, Sherrin Way, Turtlegate Avenue, Shuter Road, Highridge Common, Highridge Green, Church Road, St Peter’s Church, Vicarage Road, Bishopsworth Library, Cheddar Grove, Lulsgate Road, Bedminster DownDrop-Off: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton GatePost-match departure: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton Gate, 5.10pmService A – Brislington and Bristol Temple MeadsDeparts: Brislington, Eagle Road and Bristol Temple Meads: 2.00pmFrequency: two busesJourney time: 15 minutes from Temple Meads / 30 minutes from Eagle RoadCollects: Bath Road PDSA (Bristol Factory), Black Castle (Arnos Manor), Arnos Vale Cemetery, Central Trading Estate, Totterdown Bridge, Temple Meads Stop T2 & T8Drop-Off: Winterstoke Road entrance, Ashton GatePost-match departure: Trust Ford, Winterstoke RoadTICKETS AND FARES INFORMATIONAG1, AG2 and AG4 are operated by First Bus. A new Ashton Gate Matchday mTicket is available via the First Bus app.£2.50 Single – on bus only£4.50 Return mTicket / £5 on bus£2.50 Child Return on bus only£9 Group Return mTicket / £10 on busNotes:Concessionary pass holders can use their passes to travel freeOnly Ashton Gate mTickets and tickets purchased on matchday buses are valid on matchday servicesAshton Gate Matchday mTickets are valid for use on all First and MetroBus services within the Bristol ZoneThe Ashton Gate Matchday mTicket is available using the First Bus app. Select mTickets tab at the bottom of the app then click the ‘Day’ ticket category. The Ashton Gate mTicket options are at the bottom of the listGroup Tickets allow up to five people to travel together – all passengers must travel and board together on both journeysService A is operated by Abus.Single £2 / Return £3 (season card holders return = £2) – on bus onlyNotes:English concessionary card holders travel freePUBLIC BUS SERVICESLocal bus services connect the stadium with much of Bristol and SomersetPlan your journey using the route planning tool here. Services include:Service 24Serves Bedminster, City Centre, Old Market, Easton, Eastville, Lockleaze and Southmead HospitalNearest stop: Ashton RoadServices X1, X2, X3, X3A, X4, X6, X7, X8 and X9Serves Hotwells and City CentreNearest stop: Blackmoors Lane (Ashton Bridge)Services X1, X2, X3, X3A, X4, X6, X7, X8 and X9Serves various locations, including, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Clevedon and NailseaNearest stop: Winterstoke Road (Ashton Bridge)Visit the FirstBus website and search by service number for more specific timing information – www.firstgroup.com/bristolPARKINGFree parking is available at Portway Park & Ride (use AG1 matchday bus service) and Brislington Park & Ride (use AG2 matchday bus service).Parking near the stadium is very limited and Resident Parking Schemes are in operation locally. Ashton Road and Marsh Road are closed post-match in the interest of crowd safety.Anyone driving to the area should allow for heavy traffic. Unofficial off-street match day parking is available at the locations below (please note: unofficial car parks are operated separately from Ashton Gate Stadium and Bristol City FC):Ashton Event Parking, Clanage Road, Bower Ashton, BS3 2JX. £10 per car, 10 minute walkDJ Matchday Parking, Cala Trading Estate, Ashton Vale Road, BS3 2HA. £8 per car, 7 minute walkOther public car parks can be found by clicking hereTRAINParson Street station is approximately a 15-minute walk and serves much of Somerset, South Wales and Bristol (Temple Meads is a 5-minute journey by train from here)Bristol Temple Meads is the nearest mainline station, a 40-minute walk and connected to Ashton Gate by the ABus service (details above)gwr.com has detailed information and includes a journey planner to help you plan your routeWALKFans are likely to find walking is the quickest and easiest way to/from the stadiumMost of south, west and central Bristol are within an hour’s walkEast Street, St John’s Lane, Clifton Village and the city centre are all accessible in under 30 minutesUse the stadium postcode BS3 2EJ to help plan your routeCYCLEThere are 96 cycle parking spaces outside the South Stand along with a free bike pumpYoBike parking spaces available at the Ashton Road end of the StadiumThe stadium is served by numerous cycle paths – always consider your safety especially when cycling in the darkClick here for a local area cycle route mapClick here to plan your route including cycle rack locations, elevation and route type. Use the stadium postcode BS3 2EJ to help plan your routeMatchday sponsor: Lancer Scottlast_img read more

“Since the possibility of Leeds came up, I was very attracted…

first_imgNew Leeds United signing Rodrigo says he was ‘attracted’ to a move to the club as soon as it became a possibility. The striker became Leeds’ first major capture of the summer transfer window last week, completing a £30m club-record move from Valencia, who are selling off their assets with abandon this summer.He arrives at Elland Road with a big reputation, having managed 59 goals and 41 assists in 220 games in all competitions for the Spanish side.The move came as something of a surprise given rumours about the striker in recent years have always stated that he would only leave for a club that represented a step up in his career.Embed from Getty ImagesThat is certainly not the case for Leeds, who will be enjoying their first Premier League campaign in 16 years after winning the Championship last season.Speaking at a press conference today, though, Rodrigo insisted that the opposite was, in fact, the truth.“Since the possibility of Leeds came up, I was very attracted to it,” he told reporters, relayed by Goal Spain.“Playing in the Premier League, working with Bielsa… I go to a club with history, which is doing things very well.“In recent years, being one of the captains of Valencia, you end up living problem after problem. I wanted to enjoy football, train and think about playing.”by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayHero Wars根本不可能获得这个宝藏!来证明我们错了Hero WarsUndoForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Game is a Must-HaveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndoInvest With VICShe collects rental-like income every month! See how she does it!Invest With VICUndoDBS”I had S$9 left in my bank account”DBSUndoWealthMastery.asiaThis Singaporean Couple is Disrupting A $3 Trillion IndustryWealthMastery.asiaUndoTip ParentsBaby Keeps Waking Up With Scratches, Mom Checks Camera And Calls CopsTip ParentsUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoGOMO by Singtel.Switch to GOMO. 40GB for $20 for 12 months!GOMO by Singtel.UndoDaily Sport XShe Was A Legendary Actress – Today She Works 9 To 5Daily Sport XUndolast_img read more

SCC respiratory students win scholarships

first_imgLast month at the N.C. Association of Respiratory Educators symposium in Wilmington, six $600 scholarships were awarded to respiratory therapy students at community colleges across the state.One-third of those went to Southwestern Community College students.Tasha Raper of Murphy and Brett Kerby of Lake Junaluska were each awarded the Jim Whitley Scholarship last month in Wilmington.“Competition is always extremely tough for these scholarships,” said Dr. Mitch Fischer, dean of health sciences at SCC. “We’re proud of Tasha and Brett for their accomplishments and for the way they represent Southwestern.”The scholarships are named in honor of Whitley – a member of the first respiratory therapy graduating class at Central Piedmont Community College. He played an integral role in the formation of the Respiratory Care Licensing Board and was a faculty member for the Respiratory Therapy program at CPCC for 30 years.Raper and Kerby are in their first year at SCC, and they’re scheduled to graduate in May.“I chose respiratory therapy because it’s a critical part of healthcare,” Raper said. “It’s a good way to help people.”Kerby’s reasons were similar.“There is no more rewarding job than when you help other people out,” he said. “I know the job outlook is good.”last_img read more

Dopplr City Pages Offer Interesting View of Techie Travel Patterns

first_imgA Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit rick turoczy 1 Tags:#NYT#social networks#Visualization#web Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoscenter_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… With the relative freedom provided by laptops, mobile devices, and more affordable transportation, people have become more migratory and, yet, better at remaining connected – or at the very least, accessible. Nowhere is this more evident than in the tech sector, where individuals are jetting back and forth to attend events or meet up with coworkers halfway across the world. And when it comes to keeping track of the techie crowd and their travels, Dopplr is one of the best resources around. Now, they’re giving users a view into some of those travel patterns with Dopplr city pages.Dopplr has been testing the pages internally for some time. Now, they’re exposing them to the Dopplr users. As the name implies, these new pages provide a visualization of annual visitor activity for practically any city on Dopplr. There are metrics, as well, including information on fellow travelers in town, the number of trips to the city overall, the number of trips for the given day, local time, and interesting facts – like from which cities people are generally visiting.Looking at even a few pages reveals some interesting trends. Austin, Texas, USA, for example, gets a heavy influx of Dopplr users in March. Why? The annual pilgrimage to the SXSW interactive festival. Portland, OR, USA, by contrast, shows a definite uptick during the summer months. London, Paris, and Tokyo have steady traffic throughout the year. (Obviously, I could spend hours just thumbing through these cities.)But there’s something else interesting happening here – which Marshall Kirkpatrick mentioned recently. To make the reports a little more aesthetically appealing, the city pages pull in images of the respective cities from Creative Commons licensed content held on Flickr. Not only does it provide more context for the city, it offers yet another venue for Flickr users to showcase their work. All thanks to Creative Commons.Unfortunately, while the image concept is laudable – and often beautiful – many of the randomly selected photos tend to obscure the graphs of the travel data. So, if you’re looking for beautiful images, you’re in luck. But if you want to read the data, sometimes you’re going to have to strain to see it.Nonetheless, Dopplr city pages are well worth a visit. It’s great to see Dopplr exposing some of the interesting data points that the company has been accumulating about its user base. And I’m a firm believer that any time this sort of data is made accessible, it’s always wise to take a cursory look, for my own edification.To see city pages in action, register or log in to Dopplr and search for the cities that interest you – or try clicking through some of the cities from your trips.last_img read more

Technology: Enterprise Architecture Failures are Rampant

first_imgMost people believe that simple is better. And it is. Simple things done right are ‘elegant’, ‘sleek’ and ‘powerful’. Companies that focus on product simplicity often can achieve amazing success — Apple is a good example. People always tell each other to keep things simple — K.I.S.S. But yet, the simple approach usually isn’t selected, because it is too hard.Why is it that Enterprise software isn’t simple? Simplicity is usually the exception rather than the rule. Businesses are too complex, or company business processes are too ‘unique’ to easily fit the mold of out-of-the-box software? Or do vendors just miss the mark too badly? Software doesn’t need to be complex. Software applications designed with a minimal set of high-value superbly-executed core features are consistently preferred to more feature-full and bloated alternatives.The state of Enterprise software projects isn’t good. Gartner is predicting that 40 percent of enterprise architecture projects will fail between now and 2010. Over the next year they predict that 25 percent of CRM projects will be canceled because of lack of consultants and system integration skillsGartner’s prescribes the following three approaches to minimize risk in large-scale enterprise projects:Support business changeFocus on strong leadership and human behaviorInclude effective metricsI would add another: Make things simple.last_img read more