PM Congratulates Retired Police Officer

first_imgPM Congratulates Retired Police OfficerJIS News | Presented by: PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQualityundefinedSpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreenPlay FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail PM Congratulates Retired Police Officer Office of the Prime MinisterDecember 23, 2015Written by: Derrick Scott RelatedPersons with Disabilities Accessing Training Through HEART/NTA RelatedPrime Minister Congratulates Miss Jamaica World Jamaican born police Sergeant in the Hartford Police Department, Andrew Lawrence, has been lauded by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller for his 20 years of sterling service and distinguished contribution to the police department.“I take great pride in extending my deepest congratulations to this treasured son of Jamaica. The recognition being paid to you is a tribute to your meritorious service and is a much deserved honour,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said.The Prime Minister’s message was delivered by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ralph Thomas, at a celebration banquet at the West Indies Social Club held recently, to honour Sergeant Lawrence.She pointed out that Sergeant Lawrence’s meteoric rise in the Hartford Police Department is a reflection of his hard work and dedication as he worked diligently in so many areas of his professional life.In recognition of his tireless efforts to community service, he was promoted to Detective and later, Sergeant, while receiving numerous other accolades as well as awards.Prime Minister Simpson Miller also commented that she was pleased to note that Sergeant Lawrence’s involvement in community development, extended outside of the Hartford area to his home country, as well as the Caribbean region.He is the founder of the Caribbean Trade Council and also Director of Public Safety for the Northeast Region of the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Council.Just over 300 persons including Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United Nations Courtney Rattary, Jamaica’s Consul General to New York Hermon Lamont, former North-East Diaspora Board Advisory member Erwin Claire, representatives of the Hartford Police department and members of Hartford’s City Council attended the celebration and paid tribute to Sergeant Lawrence.After 20 years of service, Sergeant Lawrence has retired from the Hartford Police Department.center_img Photo: Derrick ScottJamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ralph Thomas (right) reads the message from Prime Minister the Most. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller to recognize Jamaican born police Sergeant in the Hartford Police Department, Andrew Lawrence for his 20 years of sterling service to the Department. The Prime Minister’s message was delivered at a retirement celebration held recently, at the West Indies Social Club. Advertisements RelatedInsurance Companies Selected to Cover Athletes Story HighlightsJamaican born police Sergeant in the Hartford Police Department, Andrew Lawrence, has been lauded by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller for his 20 years of sterling service and distinguished contribution to the police department.The Prime Minister’s message was delivered by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ralph Thomas, at a celebration banquet at the West Indies Social Club held recently, to honour Sergeant Lawrence.She pointed out that Sergeant Lawrence’s meteoric rise in the Hartford Police Department is a reflection of his hard work and dedication as he worked diligently in so many areas of his professional life.last_img read more

Trump Extends Virus Guidelines, Braces U.S. for Big Death Toll

first_imgTrump’s impulse to reopen the country met a sober reality check Sunday from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, who said the U.S. could experience more than 100,000 deaths and millions of infections from the pandemic. That warning hardened a recognition in Washington that the struggle against the coronavirus will not be resolved quickly even as Trump expressed a longing for normalcy. Fauci’s prediction would take the death toll well past that of the average seasonal flu. Trump repeatedly cited the flu’s comparatively much higher cost in lives in playing down the severity of this pandemic. “It’s critical that even if you don’t see it, it could be circulating in your community,” she said. Trump was clearly moved by the scenes from New York, particularly hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in his native Queens. “It would not have been a good idea to pull back at a time when you really need to be pressing your foot on the pedal as opposed to on the brakes,” Fauci said on CNN on Monday, describing how he and others had convinced Trump to extend the restrictions. “The president is right. The cure can’t be worse than the disease, and we’re going to have to make some difficult trade-offs,” Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow had said last Monday, reflecting the thinking of his economic team. President Donald Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House, Sunday, March 29, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Trump told “Fox and Friends” in an interview Monday morning that “nobody” was “more worried” about the economic impact on the country than him, but said, “We want to do something where we have the least death.” For weeks, Trump minimized the gravity of the pandemic, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday accused Trump of “denial” in the crisis and called it “deadly.” The initial 15-day period of social distancing urged by the federal government expires Monday, and Trump had expressed interest in relaxing the national guidelines at least in parts of the country less afflicted by the pandemic. He instead decided to extend them through April 30, a tacit acknowledgment he’d been too optimistic. Many states and local governments have stiffer controls in place on mobility and gatherings. The U.S. had more than 140,000 COVID-19 cases reported by Monday morning, with more than 2,500 deaths. During the course of the Rose Garden briefing, reported deaths grew by several dozen and the number of cases by several thousand. “If you look throughout the country there are a number of smaller cities that are sort of percolating along, couple hundred cases, the slope doesn’t look like it’s going up,” Fauci said. “It looks like it’s low level, it starts to accelerate, then it goes way up.” “I’ve been watching that for the last week on television,” he said. “Body bags all over, in hallways. I’ve been watching them bring in trailer trucks – freezer trucks, they’re freezer trucks, because they can’t handle the bodies, there are so many of them. This is essentially in my community, in Queens, Queens, New York,” he continued. “I’ve seen things that I’ve never seen before.” Birx and Fauci said even those areas yet to face a significant outbreak must prepare for the eventuality that they will. “It’s a horrible number,” Trump said, but added, “We all together have done a very good job.” Most people who contract COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms, which can include fever and cough but also milder cases of pneumonia, sometimes requiring hospitalization. The risk of death is greater for older adults and people with other health problems. Hospitals in the most afflicted areas are straining to handle patients and some are short of critical supplies. For more than a week, Trump had been bombarded by calls from outside business leaders who urged him to begin re-opening the nation’s economy and warned of catastrophic consequences that could damage his re-election chances if it remained shuttered for much longer. It was a stark shift in tone by the Republican president, who only days ago mused about the country reopening in a few weeks. From the Rose Garden, he said his Easter revival hopes had only been “aspirational.” President Donald Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House, Sunday, March 29, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) “His first goal is to prevent suffering and death,” Fauci added. “And we made it clear to him that if we pulled back on what we were doing … there would be more avoidable suffering and avoidable death. So it was a pretty clear decision on his part.” Brought forward by Trump at the outdoor briefing, Fauci said his projection of a potential 100,000 to 200,000 deaths is “entirely conceivable” if not enough is done to mitigate the crisis. Fauci said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that smaller U.S. cities are now ripe for the kind of acceleration that has occurred in New York.center_img Former Vice President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, said he wouldn’t go so far as to lay the blame for deaths on the president. “I think that’s a little too harsh,” he told NBC. “They’re the best in the profession and they didn’t like that idea,” he said of Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, head of the White House coronavirus task force. Trump’s change in tone was previewed Saturday, when the president suggested then backed away from instituting an “enforceable” quarantine of hard-hit New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Instead, the White House task force recommended a travel advisory for residents of those states to limit non-essential travel to slow the spread of the virus to other parts of the U.S. Phasing out the recommendations would have been a symbolic nod to business and an affront to public health experts, but may have had little practical impact. States across the country already have their own restrictions in place that, in many cases, are far stricter than the administration’s, and those would have remained in place. “She’s a sick puppy in my opinion,” Trump said. “I think it’s a disgrace to her country, her family” Related: Complete COVID-19 Coverage from JEMS Even as he opted against the quarantine, Trump on Sunday suggested without evidence that hospitals and hospital systems were “hoarding” ventilators and other medical supplies that were needed in other areas of the state. He also encouraged the Food and Drug Administration to streamline approvals for companies seeking to sanitize badly needed respirators so they can be reused. The quarantine notion was strongly opposed by the governors of those states, who argued it would cause panic. WASHINGTON (AP) – Bracing the nation for a coronavirus death toll that could exceed 100,000 people, President Donald Trump extended restrictive social distancing guidelines through April, bowing to public health experts who presented him with even more dire projections for the expanding coronavirus pandemic. Trump acknowledged that he may be forced to extend the guidelines again at the end of April, but expressed hope that by June 1, “we should be well on our way to recovery.” That talk alarmed health experts, who urged Trump to keep encouraging people to stay home. The virus was still spreading, with the peak still weeks away, the experts warned. Americans are now being called on to prepare for another 30 days of severe economic and social disruption, as schools and businesses are closed and public life is upended. One in 3 Americans remain under state or local government orders to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus. Trump, who has largely avoided talk of potential death and infection rates, cited projection models that said potentially 2.2 million people or more could have died had social distancing measures not been put in place. And he said the country would be doing well if it “can hold” the number of deaths “down to 100,000.” He said the best case for the country would be for the death rate to peak in about two weeks. The federal guidelines recommend against group gatherings larger than 10 and urge older people and anyone with existing health problems to stay home. People are urged to work at home when possible and avoid restaurants, bars, non-essential travel and shopping trips. “We showed him the data. He looked at the data. He got it right away,” Fauci said. “It was a pretty clear picture. Dr. Debbie Birx and I went in to the Oval Office and leaned over the desk and said, “˜Here are the data. Take a look.’ He just shook his head and said, “˜I guess we got to do it.’” Asked whether she believes that attitude cost American lives, Pelosi told CNN: “Yes, I am. I’m saying that.” Trump, asked about the comments on Fox Monday morning, lashed back. “Certainly we’re hoping that there aren’t more New York cities and New York metro areas around the country, but we have to plan for that,” Birx said on CBS on Monday, calling on cities across the country to make preparations. In the end, Trump, in the face of dire projections and increasingly alarming images out of New York, sided with his health experts and backed off the idea of loosening recommended restrictions on less impacted parts of the country. Trump nonetheless hit back. “If sleepy Joe was president,” he told Fox, “he wouldn’t even know what’s going on.”last_img read more

Norwich University launches inaugural Governor’s Institute in Architecture, Design & Building

first_imgSource: 7.14.2017. NORTHFIELD, Vt. – Norwich University (link is external)More information is available at is external) or by calling (802) 865-4448. Vermont Business Magazine Norwich University welcomes 36 Vermont high school students on Sunday, July 16, for its inaugural Governor’s Institute on Architecture, Design & Building, a brand new Governor’s Institute of Vermont (GIV) program. The institute offers a residential week of hands-on learning in working with concrete, masonry and wood across the disciplines of architecture, engineering, and construction management with an emphasis on regional materials and best practices of sustainable design and craft.”This partnership between Norwich University and the Governor’s Institutes brings Norwich’s incredible teaching and mentoring resources to any Vermont high-schooler with a strong interest in the topic, regardless of their location or income,” said Karen Taylor Mitchell, who coordinates all 13 Governor’s Institutes programs throughout the state. “We’re over the moon that these young women and men are getting this chance to build confidence and try out their interests in one of Vermont’s most promising career fields.”Norwich University’s College of Professional Schools(link is external) includes all three of the primary architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) disciplines together. The School of Architecture + Art(link is external) is the only National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited architecture school in northern New England, and Norwich is the only university in northern New England teaching all the A/E/C disciplines. The College of Professional Schools includes shop facilities for wood and metal; its new “CoLab,” a design/build area suitable for building full-scale buildings like the award-winning, 1000-square foot house completed for the 2013 Solar Decathlon; and digital fabrication labs that include 3D printers, 3D scanners, a five-axis CNC mill, and a 5’x9’ three-axis CNC mill.Students will work with Norwich faculty, alumni, and undergraduate students in architecture, engineering, art, and construction management who are dedicated to a collaborative education model and project delivery. This college has a tradition of sustainable design/build projects including the Solar Decathlon DeltaT90 house; the outdoor classroom, Dutch Angle, conceived, designed and executed for Northfield High School in 2015; and CASA 802, a recently completed tiny house of 380 square feet. Other school projects include the award-winning Archistream mobile design gallery for AIA Vermont; the EMBarc, a mobile and self-powered earth-science lab created from a twenty-foot shipping container that travels in the state to teach about geology and water quality; and the recently built Wheel–pad, a modular accessible bedroom and bathroom that can be temporarily added to a residence, permitting residents to remain in their own homes during a period of recuperation.“As the global population continues to expand and urbanize there will be massive challenges for humanity and the environment,” said Cara Armstrong, director of the School of Architecture + Art and Institute co-director. She promises incoming teenagers: “Design will help you meet those challenges; it will help you think about systems, not just things, so you will learn to see that the world is not made up of individual, disconnected things but that everything is causal, interrelated and connected.”About Governor’s Institute of Vermont:At 34 years old, the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont is a nonprofit organization committed to making life-changing accelerated learning opportunities accessible to all talented Vermont teens, especially those from rural and economically disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented populations. With the help of the Vermont legislature and many donors, the Governor’s Institutes serves 630 students a year with sliding scale tuition that starts as low as $10 for a full weeklong Institute, including room and board.Other Governor’s Institutes topics include arts; astronomy; Asian cultures; current issues and youth activism; entrepreneurship; environmental science and technology; information technology and digital media; mathematical sciences; engineering; and writing. Registration for the next Governor’s Institutes, Winter Weekends will open in December.Norwich University is a diversified academic institution that educates traditional-age students and adults in a Corps of Cadets and as civilians. Norwich offers a broad selection of traditional and distance-learning programs culminating in Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees. Norwich University was founded in 1819 by Captain Alden Partridge of the U.S. Army and is the oldest private military college in the United States of America. Norwich is one of our nation’s six senior military colleges and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). VBM vermontbiz.comlast_img read more

Briefly Noted: Road work will cause traffic changes in Leawood, Merriam

first_img67th to be closed at I-35 today. Starting today and running through Monday, 67th Street will be closed at I-35 in Merriam as crews work to replace concrete and upgrade the traffic signals at the intersection. The ramps to I-35 at 67th Street will be closed during this period, with the exception of the ramp from 67th Street onto southbound I-35. The city recommended Shawnee Mission Parkway or 75th Street as alternative routes.Westbound lanes of 95th Street from State Line to Lee Boulevard to be closed for construction. Assuming the weather allows crews to get to work, the two westbound lanes of 95th Street from Lee Boulevard to State Line Road will be closed starting Monday for road work. One of the eastbound lanes will be shifted to allow westbound traffic during the project.last_img

Wagons to reduce grain delivery costs

first_imgRUSSIA: This month Eskom-Agro will take delivery of a batch of United Wagon Co Type 19-9549 hopper wagons which are being financed by RSHB Leasing.Designed to transport a wide range of grain and grain mill products, the wagons have 25 tonne axleload bogies and a capacity of 120 m3 or 76 tonnes, up to 6 tonnes more than older designs. The hoppers are compatible with all types of loading and unloading terminals, and the loading hatches provide for even distribution of the load.‘One of our company’s main objectives is reducing expenditure, including on logistics’, said Andrey Sokolov, Director of Eskom-Agro. ‘The new generation cars are now established as the most efficient rolling stock on the market.’RSHB Leasing CEO Alexander Kozhevnikov said leasing was ‘one of the most convenient and accessible long-term investment tools’ and the Russian Agricultural Bank subsidiary is planning to increase its rail portfolio.last_img read more

Everton ‘following’ player – Toffees view him as target due to…

first_imgWith the 37-year-old’s contract at Goodison Park is set to expire in the summer, and the Toffees could to look to bring in a replacement for the Dutchman.TuttoMercatoWeb claims the Merseyside club are ‘following’ Hellas Verona’s Marco Silvestri, who kept nine clean sheets and conceded 26 goals in 25 league matches this season.The Italian spent three seasons at Leeds United before moving to Hellas Verona in 2017. Speaking to Calciomercato at the end of last month, the stopper said his spell with the Whites was “very educational”.Embed from Getty ImagesTMW states that having had the experience of playing in England, Silvestri is considered as a transfer target by Carlo Ancelotti’s side.Everton, for the time being, are only following the keeper. Should they decide to make an approach for Silvestri, they could face resistance from Hellas Verona.That’s because Gazzetta dello Sport explained at the start of this month that Hellas Verona’s management plan to build a squad for the next season around certain players and Silvestri’s name is included on that Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Game is a Must-HaveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndo熱門話題小心會長過頭…網友推爆:「真的長得超誇張!」熱門話題UndoStanChart by CNBC CatalystDigitization in Banks Is No Longer About Efficiency, but Business Resilience. Don’t Get Left Behind.StanChart by CNBC CatalystUndoCNN with DBS BankWhat Banks Did To Help Corporations Mitigate Future CrisesCNN with DBS BankUndoKeto减肥1個簡單的妙招一夜「融化」腹部贅肉(今晚試試)Keto减肥UndoSmart Tech TrendSelf Adjusting Glasses Take Hong Kong by StormSmart Tech TrendUndo Jordan Pickford and Maarten Stekelenburg are currently the only two recognised goalkeepers at Everton.last_img read more

Harry Maguire ‘could pay £90,000 to avoid jail over Mykonos brawl’

first_img 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! HARRY Maguire could pay £90,000 to avoid jail over his alleged brawl in Mykonos, according to a report.The England ace will soon be jetting home after two nights in custody in Greece and denies any wrongdoing.Harry Maguire wore a shirt and baseball cap as he left court in Greece earlier todayHarry Maguire reportedly brawled with Brits after his sister Daisy was ‘stabbed’If he is found guilty he could potentially swerve a possible three-year-sentence by paying half a week’s wages.The Man Utd captain had been held in a cell for two nights after being arrested following the alleged fight outside a bar on the party island of Mykonos on Friday.Now , the Sunday Mirror reports that Maguire, if convicted, could pay a daily sum to avoid being sent to jail, as part of a scheme to prevent overcrowding in Greek prisons.Greek lawyer Panagiotis Petropoulos, vice president of the Piraeus Bar Association, told the Sunday Mirror: “The maximum theoretical sentencing could be up to seven-and-a-half years.“It is understood the total would more likely be three years because a court would sentence concurrently.“However, in the Greek penal system any sentence up to three years can be bought on a per day basis, meaning Mr Maguire can pay a set fee to avoid any jail time.”According to the Mirror, this could mean a fine of €100 a day, but it could be as low as $5 with all fees decided by the judge.Spread across three years, it could add up to £90,000 – though this is just a fraction of the footballer’s weekly salary of £190,000. Harry Maguire leaves court in Syros earlier todayHarry was holidaying with fiancee FernIt comes as The Sun reported that it is claimed that the England star, 27, and others racked up a £63,000 bar tab in a five-hour session.Maguire, who mainly drinks beer, downed booze and scoffed lobster with footballers including Chelsea’s Ross Barkley, 26, and Manchester United team-mate Brandon Williams, 19. They were also joined by Love Island star Chris Hughes, 27, snooker ace Judd Trump, 31, and Harry’s brother Joe, who plays for Accrington Stanley.The bill was split between a number of football stars and pals. Maguire’s amount was thought to be a fraction of the overall spending.A source said: “Harry has been drinking like crazy since he arrived on Mykonos.“He’s been spending a fortune on booze and just doesn’t seem to stop. He seemed upset about something. It was non-stop.’’Maguire and his entourage sank bottles of vintage champagne, firework-decorated cocktails and spirits at the exclusive SantAnna beach bar.‘NIGHTCLUB BRAWL’The footie ace and two pals were accused of brawling with rival fans and cops outside a nightclub.Police said they continued scrapping at the station before allegedly offering officers bribes to drop the case.A spokesperson for the Greek police said: “Patrolling police officers in the area of Mykonos intervened to settle a dispute between a group.“However, three foreigners involved in the incident turned against them, insulting and hitting a police officer with fists.“The three foreigners were taken to the Mykonos Police Station, where upon their arrival they strongly resisted, pushing and beating three police officers.“Then one of the detainees tried to offer money so the process against them would not be completed.’’He flew to Mykonos after Manchester United lost to Sevilla in the Europa League semi-final last Sunday.It was his side’s third semi-final loss this season after exiting the FA and Carabao Cups at the same stage.Rival fans allegedly jeered at the Manchester United captain during his drinking session Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter Source: Soccer – Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night.center_img 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTING People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heelslast_img read more

Report: ‘Friends’ reunion in the works at HBO Max

first_imgWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.(NEW YORK) — That long rumored Friends reunion may be a step closer to becoming a reality.Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the six core cast members of Friends — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer — as well as series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, are in early talks to reunite on HBO Max.However, the sources warn that the reunion is nowhere near a done deal.  When and if the streamer can hammer out deals with the individual stars, they’ll have to figure out a way of fitting it into their busy schedules.HBO Max recently paid $425 million for rights to the hugely popular sitcom, outbidding Netflix, its previous home.Aniston, who broke the internet with a reunion of the cast that launched her Instagram account, also teased the project on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in October.“I would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is,” she said. “So we’re just trying. We’re working on something.”HBO Max is set to launch in May of 2020.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Special event, Super Nationals awards in TomCat’s IMCA contingency plans for 2016

first_imgMOORESVILLE, N.C. – Special event and Super Nationals awards comprise the TomCat Performance IMCA contingency program again this season.Feature winners at 80 designated specials, covering all eight sanctioned divisions, and Modified heat winners at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s will receive quick disconnect throttle rod assemblies.Certificates will be mailed from the IMCA home office after special results are received, and beginning the week after the Sept. 5-10 Super Nationals.A six-year IMCA marketing partner, TomCat Performance is the wholesale division and inhouse brand of Carolina Racing Supply in Mooresville, N.C.“TomCat has been a big proponent of providing racers with quality products and we’ll help facilitate that again this year with their throttle linkages,” promised IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Winning a big race is a great accomplishment and the TomCat program helps recognize that.”More information is available by calling Carolina Racing Supply at 704 662-8299, on Facebook and at the website.last_img read more

Marco Silva says Andre Gomes’ future not in Everton’s hands

first_imgMarco Silva has spoken about the future of Andre Gomes, the Barcelona midfielder on loan at Everton. The Portugal midfielder is already a fans’ favourite at Goodison Park and there are calls for the Premier League club to make the deal permanent.  Gomes is key for Everton. Since he made his comeback from an injury as a substitute against Crystal Palace, the Barça man has not seen the bench again for two months. Last season at Camp Nou, he only completed 90 minutes in a league game on two occasions.  “El futuro de André Gomes en el Everton no está claro” On Gomes, Everton boss Silva said he’s delighted with his performances. Proof of that is in the fact the club are worries about keeping hold of him, given that his form could provoke Barcelona to give him another chance next season. But even if Gomes wants to stay on Merseyside, it may not depend on Everton. CET Silva added: “Gomes is helping the team a lot and is getting better all the team. It’s also important for me that he takes responsibility.”  RELATED STORIES In fact, while the season is not yet halfway through, and despite having missed the first eight games, Gomes has already played nearly the same amount of minutes as in the whole campaign with Barça last year. center_img IN SPORT.ES 07/12/2018 “It’s not something which is in our hands,” Silva explained in a press conference. “Nor in Andre’s [hands]. There’s a third party, Barcelona… so we are going to wait until we can speak about the issue.”  Upd. at 12:00 Nil Congost De Telegraaf: Frenkie de Jong chooses PSG over Barca & Citylast_img read more