Allegation of forged signature casts shadow over China-backed dam in Sumatra

first_imgArticle published by Hans Nicholas Jong Animals, Biodiversity, Conservation, Critically Endangered Species, Endangered, Endangered Species, Energy, Environment, Environmental Law, Extinction, Forestry, Forests, Hydroelectric Power, Hydropower, Infrastructure, Law, New Species, Orangutans, Rainforest Animals, Rainforest Conservation, Rainforest Deforestation, Rainforest Destruction, Rainforests, Renewable Energy, Threats To Rainforests, Tropical Forests, Wildlife A researcher has claimed that his signature was forged in a document used to obtain a permit for a Chinese-backed $1.6 billion hydropower project in Indonesia.If his claim is proven true, the project’s environmental permit would presumably be rendered invalid, raising questions about the project’s future.Environmentalists say the cancellation of the project is crucial for the future survival of the Tapanuli orangutan, a newly described great ape that is already at risk of extinction due to habitat fragmentation. JAKARTA —  An Indonesian scientist says his signature was forged to obtain a key permit underlying a $1.6 billion hydropower project in an orangutan habitat on the island of Sumatra.The revelation casts doubt on the integrity of the licensing process for a project already mired in controversy. The planned power plant is located in the Batang Toru forest in North Sumatra, the only known habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis), a species that was only described last year but is already teetering on the brink of extinction.One of the prerequisites for construction of the plant to begin was an environmental impact analysis, known locally as an Amdal. But one of the environmental experts whose assessment formed a key part of the Amdal says the document submitted to regulators is different from the one that he worked on — and that his signature on the approved Amdal document was forged.Onrizal Onrizal, a forestry researcher at North Sumatra University, was asked in 2013 to help draft the Amdal by PT Global Inter Sistem (GIS), a company hired by project developer PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy (NSHE) to conduct the environmental impact assessment.His task was to assess the biodiversity of the forest. “It was clear that the orangutan wasn’t the only critically endangered species threatened [by the project],” he told Mongabay. “There were also Sumatran tigers there.”Last September, he was asked why the Amdal document didn’t mention anything about the orangutans or the tigers. He was confused, he said, because the Amdal document that he knew listed both species.“The new Amdal document doesn’t list either orangutans or tigers,” he said. “There are also other protected species that are omitted [from the new document].”An adult female Tapanuli orangutan. Image by Tim Laman/Wikimedia Commons.As Onrizal dug through the new document, which was the version submitted to the authorities and subsequently approved to allow the project to proceed, he realized something else: His name was still listed in the revised Amdal as one of the experts involved in the making of the document, even though he was only helped draft the previous version.He also saw his signature on the new document, complete with a copy of his diploma and his biography.“My diploma was also used [in the document] without my permission,” Onrizal said.He then tried to get confirmation from GIS.“They admitted they were negligent,” Onrizal said. “They claimed they didn’t do it on purpose. But that’s not possible. How can my signature end up there ‘not on purpose’?’”Mongabay contacted GIS for confirmation, but the company didn’t respond as of the time this article was published. NSHE said the case was a matter for GIS as its outside consultant.“Any dispute related to the name and the signature in the Amdal document is an internal matter of the consultancy company,” Firman Taufick, an NSHE spokesman, told Mongabay.The Batang Toru River, the proposed power source for a Chinese-funded hydroelectric dam. Image by Ayat S. Karokaro/Mongabay-Indonesia.‘Smoking gun’The project is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), the country’s biggest green NGO. The lawsuit seeks to revoke the environmental permit for NSHE, issued by the North Sumatra provincial government based on the Amdal.The lawsuit’s underlying arguments are that the project carries a high environmental risk, and that NHSE made a series of administrative errors when acquiring the permit, such as overlooking the risk of earthquakes in the area.The new claim that Onrizal’s findings were omitted and his signature forged could be key to determining whether the project is stopped, or at least suspended, according to William F. Laurance, a professor at James Cook University in Australia who led a major study of the Tapanuli orangutan. Laurance is also the director of the Alliance of Leading Environmental Researchers & Thinkers (ALERT), which last year called on the Indonesian government to stop the project. (Editor’s note: Laurance is a member of Mongabay’s advisory board.)“To me this looks close to a smoking gun, and Onrizal is a very solid guy,” Laurance told Mongabay.If Onrizal didn’t sign off on the final Amdal, that would render the document invalid. And since that document was used by the provincial government as the basis to grant the environmental permit, then the permit itself would also be invalid, according to Golfrid Siregar, the counsel for Walhi’s North Sumatra chapter.“The forgery should be a very strong [piece of] evidence for the judges to decide [the case on],” he said.If the permit is found to be invalid, he said, the project should be stopped. Any activity undertaken on the project before the issuance of another environmental permit would be illegal, Golfrid said.“If we’re talking about the law, if the procedure [to obtain the environmental permit] is flawed, then the permit should be revoked,” he said. “Even if the company still has other permits, if there’s no environmental permit, then no operation is allowed, based on the law. If the project still continues without an environmental permit, it’s clearly a crime.”Various orangutan species: 1. Bornean, 2. Sumatran, 3. Tapanuli. Image by Eric Kilby, Aiwok and Tim Laman/Wikimedia Commons.Golfrid said GIS should also be held accountable as the party that drew up the Amdal document.“They forged [the signature] and that’s a crime,” he said. “An Amdal document is a public document. It means they’ve forged a public document.”Onrizal and Walhi have filed reports with the North Sumatra police three times over the allegation of the signature forgery, but the police have dismissed the claims each time.The first time they were rejected, they said, it was because the police needed a letter of authority to process the report. The second time, the police said Onrizal needed to file the report in person, as the aggrieved party in the complaint. He was in Penang, Malaysia, at that time.The third time, Onrizal duly filed the report in person, but the police said they needed the actual Amdal document and not a copy of it, as well as evidence that the forged signature had been used to obtain the environmental permit.“That’s not possible because it wasn’t me who made the new Amdal document,” Onrizal said. “It’s the police’s job to search for evidence. Instead, we’re told to look for the evidence and the original document ourselves.”Golfrid said Walhi had asked for the Amdal document from the North Sumatra environmental agency, but the agency only held a copy. The original document is in GIS’s possession, and thus will be difficult to obtain, he said.Golfrid said Walhi might report the case to the national police if the provincial police keep rejecting them.In the meantime, Onrizal has testified in the lawsuit, telling the court that he wasn’t involved in the revision of the Amdal and thus had no idea how his signature end up in the final document.Golfrid said Walhi planned to submit this testimony to police as evidence. Ronald M. Siahaan, Walhi’s chief legal counsel, said Onrizal’s testimony itself was the strongest evidence that could tip the scales in their favor. The court is scheduled to rule on the lawsuit on March 4.“All of our arguments are backed by strong evidence, which the defendant couldn’t rebuke during the court proceedings,” he told Mongabay. “We could prove that while the Amdal process might be correct administratively, the content of the document is filled with lies and deceit.”Besides the alleged forgery of Onrizal’s signature, environmentalists have also questioned the Amdal document’s omission of eight endangered species from the list of wildlife found in the Batang Toru forest.The previous version listed 23 species, while the final one has 15. Those missing include the Tapanuli orangutan, Sumatran tiger, sun bear, and Sumatran lar gibbon.“The new Amdal document is a revision of the old one, so it’s supposed to be thicker than the old document. But this one is thinner,” Golfrid said. “The aspects that were supposed to be revised were only a change in the location of the quarry as well as the increase in the plant’s capacity from 500 megawatts to 510 megawatts. So why was the list of threatened species changed?”The list of mammal species found in the Batang Toru ecosystem according to the old version of the Amdal document of the Batang Toru hydropower project. Image by WALHI North Sumatra.The list of mammal species found in the Batang Toru ecosystem according to the new version of the Amdal document of the Batang Toru hydropower project. Image by Hans Nicholas Jong/Mongabay.The hydropower plant was announced in 2012 and would be the largest on Sumatra if completed as planned by 2022. The Indonesian government considers it a priority project under President Joko Widodo’s wider infrastructure-building push.Environmentalists, including 25 members of ALERT, have pleaded to the government to stop the project. They say they fear the dam would damage the most critical areas of the habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan, the rarest great ape species in the world.Over the course of three generations, the population of Tapanuli orangutans has plummeted by 83 percent, leaving fewer than 800 individuals surviving in a tiny tract of forest less than one-fifth the size of the metropolitan area that comprises Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.Even before the hydropower dam goes into operation, the apes have already started fleeing from their habitat and encroaching on nearby plantations, reportedly due to the presence of heavy equipment in the area. Banner image: Frontal view of a Tapanuli orangutan in Batang Toru forest complex, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Image by Tim Laman/Wikimedia Commons. 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Let’s Jam!

first_imgHeavy communications on the blogs, forums, newsletters, and email distribution lists. We made sure our reach was as broad as possible, even having an article posted on our employee intranet home-page, and a jam home page on the wiki. We wanted people to participate even if they were not formal members of the technical community.Created the forum shell. The web jam exists on the forum environment, so we created a  new “Web Jam” forum, seeded it with some questions/topics, and then left it inactive until we were ready to start the jam.Created a kickoff announcement. I made a 5 minute audio announcement and one-slide  presentation that I replayed over and over again during the first hour of the jam. That  allowed people to call into the audio meeting at any time during the hour and hear the  message.Enlist a sponsor/senior manager who will commit to participation – the more, the betterDevelop a short list of Goals for the Jam. No more than 2-3 things you want to get  out of the session, and make sure people know about them.Running the JamDo not get frustrated if participation starts out slowly. Encourage where you can,  and pre-stock the forum with a few questions to get the discussion going. It will pick  up.Don’t try to run a jam for a small group of people. You need size to be effective  for a jam. The collective wisdom of hundreds of people will get broader and deeper  discussion on the topics that you’re interested in.Make sure you have the senior manager / sponsor actively participating. It’s not enough  to sponsor, they have to add questions, answer questions, and encourage usage.Make sure questions don’t sit unanswered. If people start to see a question is being  ignored, they will be hesitant to ask more. Find someone who can answer it and send them  an offline email, point them to the forum to answer.Keep it going around the clock. Make sure participants from all geographies are  participating – but remember there may be cultural barriers to this type of public  question/answer.Keep the communications going during the jam. We did ours for 48 hours, and it’s  important to use your distribution lists to keep people interested and engaged the whole  time. Summarize interesting messages from each day to show you are actively  reading.Wrap it up well. Warn people when the Jam is about to close – set a deadline for  getting their questions posted so people have time to answer before you lock it  down.Lock it down. Once the jam period is over, stop new posts. You need to be able to  look at metrics from the session and if people are still posting, the integrity can be  harmed. Take the forum offline temporarily and let people know that it will be back in  read-only status once you pull your reports.Post-JamRun your reports fast, and get the forum back online in read-only format. This way,  people can look through the discussion if they could not keep up with it during the jam,  and if there are interesting topics left open, they can start new discussions in your  normal forums, or contact people directly with questions.Run reports on views, posts, users, comments, anything you can depending upon what  your forum environment provides. If you don’t have access to do it yourself, make sure  you are working with an administrator to do it for you. This data will be valuable for  your report-out.Build a summary – highlight the most viewed posts/topics, and recognize the most  visible users.Create a post-jam survey. Make sure people have an opportunity to provide feedback  on the value they received from participation – and what they would like to see changed  for the next time.Measure yourself against your goals. Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?  Were there any barriers? How will you solve those for the next time?Some of our resultsTotal Topics Posted: 35Total Comments across all topics: 219Active Participants (posted at least 1 item): 74 (of ~330 target)Approximate Total Views: 6296Average Views per Topic: 25152% Actively Participated, 43% only Viewed, remainder did not participateGeo Participation: 94% Americas, 2% Asia Pacific, 4% Europe and Middle East98% of participants felt it was worth their time and 96% said they would participate  againReasons for not actively participating: Inability to post anonymously, concerns  about using a public forum to ask questions, concerns about possible impact to career  and job security, concerned about whether answers would be honestWhat people found to be most valuable from their participationSense of teamAbility to have discussions about concerns, and a chance to ask questions to senior  managersRealization that management is out of touchLike the hard questions being asked and the honesty of the answersSeeing dialogue on priorities, roadmap, senior management insightHelped create positive energy within disparate teamsGreat place to ask technical questions and get detailed answersCreates documented responses from senior managers and technical representativesWatching senior management address very tough questions in a public forumWhat do people want to see changed for next time?Make sure unanswered questions get answersPeople want to see more involvement from all levels of managementCreate an opens list from the previous Jam, and use that to start the next oneBe able to post anonymously – this may be a limitation of your forum  environmentKickoff should come from senior sponsorMake it very easy for people to find links to the forum and how to get helpUse the jam to let people get to know each other – post job titles, locations,  background, experience – use it for social networkingPublish FAQs based on the learnings from the JamUse podcast (video) technology to create a summary message from the senior sponsor  about they evaluation of the jamRecognize the most active participantsSo what are we doing now? Coming off a very successful IT-wide jam at the end of 2008, we’re wondering how soon it will be before we follow in the footsteps of IBM for a company-wide jam. It’s not unheard of, and it’s not unmanageable, but it’s harder to focus on a small number of topics when you have a potential audience of 80,000+ people. We’ll see where it goes, but for now doing these at the division and department, and even program level, is having a great value to our teams – in fact I’m setting up a finance department web jam for later next week. If you have any questions about the process or want more detail, please add a comment  and I’ll try to provide it! Cheers! *** Originally posted on the IT @ Intel blog in 2007. Bringing it over to Communities site for the benefit of those who are developing professional communities of their own. ***Last time I talked about how we were  building communities within IT, more specifically, how I had built a technical  community by using various social media tools like blogs, wiki’s, and forums.Near the end of the article I mentioned that we were about to try something different –  a Web Jam. This concept is not new, and is something that IBM has been doing for years,  but we wanted to see if it was something we could do at Intel.Even here, it’s not completely brand new – our Sales and Marketing Group had already done two web  jams for the entire organization, with great success – so I wanted to see if we could do  it at a community level. I had excellent help from Jeff Moriarty (another corporate blogger), and our other partner  in crime, Barbara McAllister. We put together tons of communications and we facilitated  the jam November 13-15.(Note that as of this current reposting, we have now done jams at multiple levels of the company, including an IT-wide web jam at the end of 2008.)Here are some of the actions, results, interesting learnings, and thoughts for next time.Pre-Worklast_img read more

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first_imgOnce upon a time, Maximilian Meyer was dubbed ‘wunderkind’. Now, he finds himself without a club despite being one of the most talented players in Europe.What gives? Well, talent opens doors, but a lot more is needed for a successful professional career. There’s something about Maximilian Meyer that turns clubs away (Sky Sports).“Meyer has one problem – he has a completely wrong self-assessment. Everybody around him – his agent, Roger Wittmann, his family, the coaches of the youth teams – told him that he is one of the biggest talents, the ‘German Messi’ and after a while, you believe that,”“His agent told everyone that Meyer is world class, he has to earn about €8 million per year and he is able to play only for the best clubs in the world. But now they have to recognize that the top clubs do not think that they are right with their opinion.” – Dirk Schlarmann (Sky Germany journalist)There you have it. Simple as that. Character issues and the wrong agent have put Meyer in a position in which a player of his abilities should never find himself into. He didn’t want to play for Schalke anymore, even though he was flourishing under head coach Domenico Tedesco. The Italian changed his position from an attacking to a holding midfielder, reducing Meyer’s responsibility and allowing him to see the field better. The move did wonders for the 22-year-old’s confidence.Jonjoe Kenny, SchalkeJonjoe Kenny is making his mark in the Bundesliga Manuel R. Medina – September 8, 2019 Schalke’s footballer Jonjoe Kenny has joined the team this past summer, and he’s already making sure people know his name in the German competition.He left the club thinking teams in Europe would rush to get his signature, but his agent’s over -the-top demands quickly deterred any potential suitors.“There is no concrete offer yet. They negotiated with Marseille but when they heard about the salary demands, they knew that it wouldn’t happen.” – Max Bielefeld (Sky Germany reporter)Maximilian Meyer is counting on agent Roger Wittmann finding him a club and the agent is counting on the crazy weeks before U.K.’s transfer deadline.“He could have continued his development at Schalke in a good environment that he knows and now there is a poker game going on. For me, he is not worth €8 million a year as of now but you never know with the market.” – Max BielefeldFor now, though, there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.last_img read more