MB Crusher to demo shaft screeners

first_imgMB Crusher will also show its BF120.4 jaw crusher bucket and MB-S18 screener bucket at ConExpoAttachments manufacturer MB Crusher is to demonstrate its shaft screener product line at the ConExpo 2020 construction trade fair in the United States.The company’s shaft screeners, which can be installed on any brand of loader, excavator, backhoe and skid steer, will feature in a demonstration held at booth S5003 on ConExpo’s Silver Lot.The newest of MB Crushers product lines, the shaft screeners were designed to adapt to a variety of working environments and that they could select different types of materials quickly.Described as “radically different from other systems” by MB Crusher, the product line comprises the MB-HDS214, MB-HDS314, MB-HDS320 and the MB-HDS323 models.These incorporate interchangeable shafts that allow a single machine to work with different materials, such as dump soil, asphalt, dry wood and compost.The product demonstration will also feature the manufacturer’s BF120.4 jaw crusher bucket and an MB-S18 screener bucket, which will be reducing and sifting material. #*#*Show Fullscreen*#*#last_img read more

Leave anti-money laundering guidance to us – Law Society

first_imgThe professions should ‘own’ anti-money laundering guidance as they best understand the fight against organised crime, the Law Society said today.Responding to HM Treasury’s call for information on the action plan for anti-money laundering, Chancery Lane said it ‘firmly believes’ the responsibility for drafting AML guidance should remain with professional bodies.These organisations, the Society said, have ‘unique sector-specific knowledge and expertise’ regarding the nature of their professions, and the risks and vulnerabilities of the transactions they are involved in.‘It would be difficult, if not impossible, for a government body or stand-alone supervisor to match the depth of this institutional understanding,’ added the response.The Society said it is important to maintain the principle of providing legal safe harbour to businesses that follow its advice, and urged the Treasury to retain its position of approving profession-drafted rules guidance.Furthermore, it insisted there is no evidence to suggest a separation of representative and supervisory roles is required.‘The determination by some to shift the perception of the role played by the professions in the AML regime from that of “gatekeepers” to “professional enablers” is regrettable,’ it added.‘Despite facing arguably the strictest AML regime in the world and facing criminal penalties for completely unwitting involvement in money laundering, the assistance and intelligence which our members provide are rarely acknowledged.’The National Risk Assessment, published last October, highlighted weaknesses in the UK’s regime for combating AML and the financing of terrorism. Introducing its consultation, which closed last week, the Treasury said one of the weaknesses identified was inconsistency in supervision.In its own response, the Solicitors Regulation Authority reiterated its call for full separation from Chancery Lane, arguing that this is necessary to maintain public confidence. In a separate response to proposals from the Treasury and Home Office to remove the protection from prosecution offered by consent, the Society issues a stark warning. ‘The defence afforded to those given consent was designed to counteract the far-reaching impact of the legislation,’ it says. ‘The “all crimes approach” and the low threshold of “suspicion” – unique among AML regimes in the world – necessitates protection for reporters. The protection offered by the consent regime works to offer balance and to avoid over-criminalisation.’The response adds: ‘If the consent regime and the protection afforded are removed without fundamental reform of the primary money-laundering offences themselves, it would criminalise vast swathes of ordinary business activity.’last_img read more

Do You Support the Browns Signing of Running Back Kareem Hunt?

first_imgI apologize……. I’m excited about the Kareem hunt signing— Jamrock (@Jamrock_216) February 11, 2019 We have Nick Chubb..why did we sign Kareem Hunt? #Browns— John Tiedemann (@ItsTeedz) February 11, 2019 Related TopicsBrownsfeaturedKareem Hunt Matt Loede The Browns sent shockwaves through the NFL on what was a quiet Monday when about 2pm they announced they have signed hometown and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt.Hunt was released by the Chiefs back on November 30th after a video was released from TMZ showing the former Willoughby South running back pushing and kicking a woman during an altercation in a hotel room in Cleveland back in February of 2018.The video showed Hunt arguing with the 19-year-old woman at the Metropolitan about 3:22 a.m.on Feb. 10th.In the footage, Hunt approached the woman as he says something, before he’s seen shoving her. An unidentified male steps in, and the woman proceeds to hit Hunt in the face.More of the NFL player’s friends step in as he becomes more enraged. He shoves another male into the woman, who then falls down and appears to grab her head.As she is crouched on the floor, the footage shows, Hunt comes over and kicks her.Part of the reason for the release is the fact that the Chiefs stated that they felt Hunt was not being truthful in his explanation to the team.Now he’s a member of the Browns, which is going to be a powder keg for some who feel like the team should look to remove themselves from players such as this.Hunt was released ASAP from the Chiefs once the video came out, and now three months later he’s back on a roster in the NFL. The Browns had better make sure they do their PR work because this could get messy. There’s plenty of opinion about the move on twitter – both good and bad. Listen, I am all for giving people second chances, but I hope that Kareem Hunt is really serious about his commitment to being a better man because I’m tired of this domestic violence garbage, tbh— Kauai0604 (@Kauai0604) February 11, 2019 Kareem Hunt?!?! Yes indeedy!!!!— Ty Ptacek (@Mister_1017) February 11, 2019 I am not a fan of the Kareem Hunt signing. I get it, he’s a great player, but I don’t like the message being sent here.— ❌ike (@maseifried) February 11, 2019 Kareem Hunt to the Browns? Kinds cool. Kind of a PR nightmare waiting to happen— Cole Freshkorn (@Cole_Freshkorn) February 11, 2019 Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE.last_img read more

Pensacola Ice Pilots unveil New Website

first_img Share on other sites Geoff Forums Home Discrim You’re Khilling me, Smalls. Share on other sites 0 -Helix- 2,305 Members Recommended Posts Followers 0 0 Favourite Logos:Florida State’s monograms and arrowhead | Late 90s/early 2000s Washington Capitals’ eagle | Coastal Carolina’s Chanticleer | Oklahoma State Cowboys | Tennessee Titans’ Fireball of Prometheus BloodAtFirstBite izombie Link to post Posted September 27, 2006 38 posts Buc Geoff Link to post Location:Pensacola, FL Posted September 27, 2006 Share on other sites Location:Racine, WI…where I am very proud of my 0-year NFL career Share on other sites We’ll get turned around soon. 1,182 8 574 posts Location:Somewhere on I-90 most likely Burning River You’re Khilling me, Smalls. 874 posts 8,640 posts Share on other sites 0 8,640 posts Link to post Share on other sites 2 Tazz013 0 Share this post is very bendy…and I need a hug 0 Share on other sites 0 573 0 The Pilots will going Thrasher style. The P shield on the whites, and the Eagle logo on the blues. Link to post 8,640 posts I question the website in one aspect, why the player introduction on the right hand side? I mean it works on the NHL level where player turnaround isn’t that great, but on the minor league level you’re basically going to be updating the side on a weekly basis on callups/demotions, trades, signings and releases. Share this post Link to post 0 Link to post You’re Khilling me, Smalls. 0 Location:Phoenix Members Location:The Dock of the Bay This topic is now closed to further replies. By Geoff, September 27, 2006 in Sports Logo News 0 We’ll get turned around soon. Pensacola Ice Pilots unveil New Website 2,305 Share on other sites 1,687 posts All Activity 0 The Thrashers ditched the dark jersey seen in Geoff_Der_Idiot’s post. The Thrashers are using their robin egg blue jerseys as their home jerseys now. 1,182 Cool logo but is it me or does it look a bit…well…Third Reich! 14,053 posts 2,171 213 posts Posted September 27, 2006 http://icepilots.comA major upgrade on the website itself. It’s about time they fixed up that dastard website. Now it looks halfway respectable!!!And this is the first I’ve seen of those blue jerseys. Going blue-on-blue. That jersey, with the eagle logo, is HOT. WHY COULDN’T THEY DO THAT WITH THE WHITE JERSEY?!That dark one is one I’d be proud to rock, just to show I’m from Pensacola and yes–we even have some hot-looking jerseys! (Even if the team nickname is halfway goofy) You’re Khilling me, Smalls. Link to post Discrim Bow before my superior smartitude! Potential Lunch Winner Burning River The eagle with the shield is a really nice logo. Here comes the most obvious statement of the day: I would prefer that as the primary and the “P” shield as the secondary. Agreed.Real nice additions to the logo. The uniforms are growing on me too. 573 388 posts Sign in to follow this   6 heh, I figure I’ll be the 237th to say the eagle logo should be their primary Tazz013 Sign in to follow this   Share this post 573 Share this post Sports Logo News Brian in Boston 1,182 11,770 posts All Activity Go To Topic Listing Members 6 0 17 Link to post 0 9,940 posts 0 573 The Pilots will going Thrasher style. The P shield on the whites, and the Eagle logo on the blues. But the Thrashers have the same logo on their homes as they do on their roads. Geoff Members Geoff Geoff 573 SportsLogos.Net 573 Members Discrim Geoff 0 Location:Pensacola, FL Members Link to post Share on other sites Posted September 27, 2006 http://icepilots.comA major upgrade on the website itself. 0 573 573 Edited September 27, 2006 by Geoff_Der_Idiot Location:St. Pete, Florida 0 Link to post 0 Members Favourite Logos:Philadelphia EaglesSeattle MarinersCubs “Cuba” scriptFremantle Dockers 0 Buc Share on other sites 0 Posted September 27, 2006 0 Members 0 0 Favourite Logos:Florida State’s monograms and arrowhead | Late 90s/early 2000s Washington Capitals’ eagle | Coastal Carolina’s Chanticleer | Oklahoma State Cowboys | Tennessee Titans’ Fireball of Prometheus 0 2 Nice logo. Like the Eagle incorporated as pilot wings 573 Fred T. Jane 2 0 Share on other sites Posted September 27, 2006 2,171 Buc HOLY SCHNIKIES I must get an IcePilots jersey with that on it. They had better be selling caps with that logo too. Members Share on other sites 2,171 Share this post Sports Logos Link to post 1,182 Geoff Share on other sites 6 Brian in Boston -Helix- 573 2,305 Members burgess Puck Members Posted September 27, 2006 (by the way, it really did take you that long to figure out my studio logo was two b’s? Not that I’m laughing at you about it, but in a way it kinda hints at the essence of what I was going for with that–aside from utilising my initials: contained elegance.) huh, yeah…shoot, I didn’t realize the Hawks old logo wasn’t Pacman or a hawk’s beak until a little bit after they started using the current hawk (gimme a break, I was about 12 when I figured that out) Fred T. Jane And their website seems to going funky now. I don’t know whats up. Link to post They ditched the navy for the baby blue? I like both of them but they should’ve stay with what they had. The Baby blue it nice but I think it will lose it’s affect after 41 games 573 Members 1,182 Share this post Members Share this post 4,065 posts Posted September 28, 2006 Posted September 27, 2006 Share this post 17 Share this post Share this post BloodAtFirstBite 1,182 2,171 The Pilots will going Thrasher style.  The P shield on the whites, and the Eagle logo on the blues. But the Thrashers have the same logo on their homes as they do on their roads. Really? 8,640 posts 8 0 2,171 Share on other sites Share on other sites Geoff Buc Share this post 17 Geoff Share this post Location:Pensacola, FL Followers 0 Link to post Link to post 653 posts Share this post Members Share on other sites Link to post Posted September 27, 2006 burgess Discrim Location:Pensacola, FL Sports Logos Share on other sites The eagle with the shield is a really nice logo. Here comes the most obvious statement of the day: I would prefer that as the primary and the “P” shield as the secondary. Favourite Logos:Philadelphia EaglesSeattle MarinersCubs “Cuba” scriptFremantle Dockers Link to post Sports Logo News izombie 0 Geoff 2,171 Link to post Puck 573 0 Share this post Share this post (edited) Location:Somewhere on I-90 most likely Location:Hartland, WI 573 SportsLogos.Net Members Share this post Share this post Location:Western NY, USA Posted September 28, 2006 8 Posted September 27, 2006 8,640 posts Link to post Posted September 27, 2006 Location:Pensacola, FL Posted September 27, 2006 Share this post Posted September 27, 2006 is very bendy…and I need a hug Members Location:Franklin, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana 11,770 posts 573 0 Members You’re Khilling me, Smalls. heh, I figure I’ll be the 237th to say the eagle logo should be their primary Well, I was like the second, third, fourth, and 236th person to say it, so I’ll be the 238th to say it now: MAKE THAT THE PRIMARY LOGO!!!(by the way, it really did take you that long to figure out my studio logo was two b’s? Not that I’m laughing at you about it, but in a way it kinda hints at the essence of what I was going for with that–aside from utilising my initials: contained elegance.) 14,053 posts Members Share on other sites I love the Navy jersey! The only thing I might do is make the logo a bit larger. 0 573 Pensacola Ice Pilots unveil New Website Posted September 27, 2006 Posted September 27, 2006 Forums Home Posted September 27, 2006 Location:Racine, WI…where I am very proud of my 0-year NFL career Pensacola Ice Pilots unveil New Websitelast_img read more

Izaguirre confirms Celtic exit with emotional message

first_imgEmilio Izaguirre confirmed his departure from Celtic with an emotional farewell message. The 31-year-old Honduras left-back completed his move to Saudi Arabian side Al-Fayha after seven years at the Parkhead club. Izaguirre took to Instagram late on Monday night to thank everyone connected with Celtic, name-checking chief executive Peter Lawwell, the club’s biggest shareholder Dermot Desmond, former Hoops boss Neil Lennon and team-mates Scott Brown, Efe Ambrose, Kolo Toure and Cristian Gamboa. Izaguirre, a fans’ favourite, said: “Today is a very sad day in my life. I never thought that one day I had to say goodbye to a club that I love so much and that gave me everything in football, all my dreams came true in my professional career as a football player. “To all my Team Mates that I enjoyed working with in these 7 years especially my captain Scott Brown, Also many thanks to my best friends like Efe Ambrose, Kolo Toure and wee Gamby. “Hail, Hail, I LOVE CELTIC FOREVER!!” Izaguirre won six Premiership titles, two Scottish Cups and two League Cups during his time in Glasgow but was latterly understudy to Scotland defender Kieran Tierney. “I want to say thanks to all the people working at Celtic Park, all the staff working at Lennoxtown training ground, the security staff, the kitchen staff, the kitmen and everybody else. “A every special to all the Celtic Fans that made me feel at home, to the Ultras Celtic Fans Green Brigade. I LOVE YOU ALL!! “Special thanks to all Directors particularly Peter Lawell and Mr. Dermot Desmond..thanks you for supporting me. “Special thanks to Neil Lennon for trusting me and for giving me this fantastic opportunity. last_img read more

7 Ways to Maximize Quiet Leaders

first_imgQuiet, slow-movers frustrate talkative, quick movers.Those who think, speak, and commit quickly, often believe they’re superior to leaders who need time.One of the worst things leaders do is over-value people who are like them.Big mouths aren’t better than small and quick isn’t better than slow.In praise of quiet and slow:Those who commit slowly, stick with you when times get tough. But, those who commit quickly defect quickly. I can see a flash-in-the-pan a mile away. They get all charged up at a moments notice. But, two days later they’re burned out and gone.Quick says, “Get it done.” But, those who take their time say, “Let’s do it right and make sure we succeed.”Quiet means, “I need time to think this over.” Don’t assume quiet means they’re detached or disengaged. For example, I  thought I was giving enough space in the conversations I’m having with a quiet leader. But, when I asked if I moved the conversation forward too quickly, he paused and said, “Yes.” He went on to say, “I’m comfortable with uncomfortable silence.”Talkers talk it out. Quiet leaders think it out.7 ways to maximize quiet leaders:Don’t judge them quickly. Their silence isn’t consent or rejection. They’re thinking it over.Give them time to commit. If they commit, they’ll stick.Provide silence. Too much talking feels like pressure to a quiet person.Don’t evaluate them by their up front work.Don’t pressure them to be up front. But, if they want to be up front, work with them.Tell them what’s important. Don’t just send them out to get it done.Respect their space. They shut down or lash out when you get in their face.Bonus: Ask a question and wait.How can loud leaders value and maximize quiet leaders?What are the unique dangers quiet leaders face?To read the original blog post, please click here.last_img read more

Five takeaways First drive offense high expectations and Binjimen Victor

OSU freshman wide receiver Binjimen Victor (9) catches his first career touchdown during the second half of the Buckeyes 62-3 win against Maryland on Nov. 12. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorReminiscent of 2014, Ohio State has found itself benefitting from a crazy string of events. In a bizarre Saturday evening in which the Buckeyes destroyed an unranked and overmatched Maryland team 62-3, it seems like a real possibility that OSU will be in playoff talks come Tuesday when the latest College Football Playoff poll is released. After the complete blowout of the Terrapins, the Buckeyes have established themselves as one of the most dominate teams in the Big Ten and in all of college football. Saturday was an example of the incredible talent the team holds within, and how OSU coach Urban Meyer has become one of the best coaches in the NCAA.With Clemson likely out and OSU likely in the playoff picture, here are five takeaways from Saturday’s 62-3 victory over Maryland.Ohio State has lofty expectationsThe Buckeyes are rolling right now, and that’s an understatement. With more than 120 points scored in the past two games, and less than seven points allowed, the team is the definition of dominating right now. But with strong performances come lofty expectations, and those expectations will be in the clouds now that OSU will be in the playoff hunt. OSU coach Urban Meyer is confident in his players ability, and is ready to see how they do the rest of the season.“We’re going to find out now but our offensive line is playing much better in the last two weeks, and we know exactly what’s coming down the road,” he said.The fan base will be hungry for more blowouts, and the toughest test of the year lies ahead for the Buckeyes.Offense no longer an issue1,171 yards in two weeks is an impressive mark for the Buckeyes’ offense. After floundering against Penn State and Northwestern, the offense has been on fire in consecutive weeks. Redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett has been smooth and solid, and junior H-back Curtis Samuel is filling into his Swiss Army Knife role. Meanwhile, the offensive line has given up just two sacks in as many weeks.“I think the main thing is go hard in practice and come out here and execute and just try to play our best ball in November … that’s where the season really hangs your hat on, those November games,” Barrett said. “So we try to do our best in those games.”The offense is firing on all cylinders at all the right times for the Buckeyes, and no longer will OSU have to worry about a stagnant offense.It gets worse for RutgersThings are just not going in the right direction for Chris Ash and the Scarlet Knights. Ash is 2-8 in his first season at the helm, and remains winless in the conference.What makes everything worse for Rutgers is the fact the rest of the year will be no smoother, as the team faces a top-10 Penn State squad and Maryland.The Terrapins were just demolished by OSU, so why should Rutgers worry?This week, Michigan State dominated the Scarlet Knights 49-0. Earlier this year, the Spartans dropped a 28-17 contest in College Park, which is exactly where Rutgers faces Maryland in two weeks.It’s still early in Ash’s tenure as coach, but things are not looking great in New Jersey.Binjimen Victor can be a threat down the fieldThe freshman has been seeing more and more playing time in November, and has presented himself as an over-the-top threat. Last week, Victor was close to having his first touchdown reception, but could not hang on and get his foot down in the back of the end zone. This week, Victor stutter-stepped in front of Maryland sophomore cornerback J.C. Jackson at the line of scrimmage and broke free on the inside of Jackson. Victor got the inside shoulder and a step on his defender, and redshirt freshman quarterback Joe Burrow delivered a crisp pass.Even though he was interfered with on the play, Victor pulled it in for his first score of both the season and his career. Meyer said going Victor’s way in the redzone has been a part of the plan for a while now.“I think Bin Victor, we’ve been dying to get him the ball,” he said. “His wingspan, he’s really a good player. He’s starting to learn the high level of football, the speed that’s required and understand the offense.”It was initially thought that Victor would not make much of a mark this year due to his relatively skinny frame (6-foot-4, 185 pounds), but the Buckeyes might have found their downfield target for the remainder of the season.Opening drive dilemma a thing of the pastFor weeks, OSU could not find a way to score on the opening drives. Marred by turnovers, missed opportunities and a lack of touchdowns, the last three weeks have resulted in three touchdowns on the team’s opening drives.In the previous seven games, OSU scored just three points on the initial drives.With a defense that has allowed just 26 points over the course of the last three games, getting out to an early lead foreshadows an OSU win.“I felt like the offense was flowing well,” Samuel said. “First half, everything was really going our way, execution was high, everything was going great.”The OSU offense will be looking to capitalize on the first drive for an early lead again next week. And with the way Michigan State has played this season, don’t be surprised if the Buckeyes can open up their next game with yet another touchdown. read more

Zidane Liverpool are not hungrier than us

first_imgZinedine Zidane has refuted suggestions that Liverpool are more “hungry” than Real Madrid are for glory in this weekend’s Champions League finalLos Blancos are aiming to win the competition for what will be the fourth time for the past five seasons and are hoping to lift the trophy once more in order to save their campaign after their struggles domestically.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…Previously Jurgen Klopp had mentioned how strong Liverpool’s desire is to win their first European title since 2005, but Zidane remains adamant that his side is fully motivated heading into Saturday’s final.“I can’t tell you about the opponent. I don’t know what they are. What I can say is that we will have the same desire as always. This club is what it is: the same enthusiasm, dedication and desire as always. And nobody can take that away or tell us that we are less hungry than others. No one. We are Madrid and this club is what it is. We always want more and we will give everything to try to do it in the best way,” said the Real boss, according to AS.last_img read more

Carnival Cruise Lines will be first to sail to Cuba from US

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 08 Jul 2015 – Carnival Cruise Lines, the world’s largest cruise line has seen one of its brands approved for sailing into Cuba. It is the first to get the approval to sail to the Communist island from the US. The cruise will set sail in 2016 with a missionary styled voyage; the boat is expected to take in around 700 passengers. Recommended for you TCI Residents not affected by US ESTA Notice Related Items:cuba, US, varnival cruise line Cuban military crash leaves 8 dead At Least 10 People Killed in Cuba from Hurricane Irmalast_img