Ooredoo Group hails data growth, Q4 profit boost

first_img MTN plots fintech, infrastructure spin-offs Related AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 12 FEB 2018 Asia Home Ooredoo Group hails data growth, Q4 profit boost Globe Telecom warns of profit pressure in 2021 Author Ooredoo Group reported growth in data revenue and a 13 per cent year-on-year increase in net profit during Q4 2017, partly offsetting the impact of regulation and other factors which hit annual earnings.Net profit increased to QAR408 million ($112 million) on broadly flat revenue of QAR8.6 billion. Profit for the full year fell 10 per cent to QAR2 billion, with the decline attributed to the impact of new government levies in Oman and one-off factors which inflated its 2016 figure. Revenue of QAR32.7 billion was largely flat on 2016.Ooredoo reported a boost in data usage across its footprint through 2017, as it continued 4G rollout. By end-December, 4G was available in eight of its ten markets. Data accounted for 46 per cent of total revenue in 2017, up from 40 per cent in 2016. Annual revenue attributed to data increased 16 per cent year-on-year to QAR15.3 billion.Its customer base was 164 million at the close of the year, up 18 per cent on 2016. The company said subscriber acquisition had been driven by campaigns in Indonesia, Iraq, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, the Maldives and Palestine.Ooredoo CEO Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al Thani (pictured) hailed “solid results across the board” adding the company had “continued to streamline our operations and achieved significant savings in 2017, particularly through our focus on centralised purchasing and infrastructure sharing.”He concluded the company was now a “well monetised data business” while highlighting it was one of the first companies in the world to offer “5G speed experiences” in its home market of Qatar.center_img earningsOooredoo XL Axiata cautions on slow growth Chris joined the Mobile World Live team in November 2016 having previously worked at a number of UK media outlets including Trinity Mirror, The Press Association and UK telecoms publication Mobile News. After spending 10 years in journalism, he moved… Read more Chris Donkin Tags Previous ArticleTDC takeover talks cast doubt on MTG moveNext ArticleTDC set for $6.6B takeover: abandons MTG deal last_img read more

Dairy farmers could face severe income drop with MILC set to expire

first_imgLeahy, the most senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said, ‘While many in agriculture are focused only on September 30th when the Farm Bill expires, we in dairy know that we are in a unique position and the date that really matters is August 31st.  We cannot have our nation’s dairy farmers left exposed without a sufficient safety net. ‘ Leahy continued, ‘The MILC Continuation Act addresses this problem and ensures an extension of the MILC program until we are able to enact the important dairy reforms we are negotiating for the Farm Bill.  We are working to include a Margin Insurance Program and a Dairy Stabilization Program.  I remain committed to passing a Farm Bill this year, and I am pleased that Senator Stabenow, who chairs the Agriculture Committee, has announced a hearing schedule that will allow us to continue evaluating policy solutions so we can swiftly and effectively craft the 2012 Farm Bill.’ The Farm Bill, which authorizes many programs under the purview of the U.S. Department of Agriculture ‘ including the dairy safety net ‘ is set to expire October 1, 2012. For the last month of the Farm Bill, after August 31st, the MILC program support levels for dairy farmers drop significantly. That would leave dairy farmers exposed without a sufficient safety net.  Although the delegation is committed to passing a Farm Bill with dairy reforms this year, with prospects for that bill uncertain, this legislation would ensure there is no lapse in the safety net for dairy farmers. ‘Dairy is a major part of Vermont agriculture and farmers are entitled to a fair price. Vermont’s dairy farms are the backbone of our rural economy. The program we are working to renew will give farmers vital and essential support if milk prices fall ‘ and enable dairy farmers to continue the productive work they do,’ said Sen. Sanders. ‘Extending this program for a year will allow the Congress to come up with a long-term solution for the huge fluctuation in the price farmers are paid for their milk.’center_img Vermont’s congressional delegation ‘ Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch ‘ has introduced legislation to extend a vital safety net that helps dairy farmers ride out downturns in milk prices. Without action, dairy farmers could face a severe drop in support from the MILC safety net by September 1st.   The MILC Continuation Act of 2012 would extend for one year the Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) program at current support levels, which helps dairy farmers when the price of milk falls below $16.94 per hundredweight. Once triggered, farmers receive 45 percent of the difference between that price and the current price of milk, which also takes into account feed costs as a factor in triggering program payments. Welch, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, said, ‘Vermont’s dairy farmers are hard-working and resilient. They have endured bad weather, high energy prices and low milk prices. What they cannot endure is the loss of this vital safety net. However Congress proceeds, it has to ensure dairy farmers are not left stranded.’When milk prices plunged in 2009, the MILC program was a critical lifeline for many Vermont dairy farmers. Vermont Delegation. 2.17.2012last_img read more

Vermont Marks Canada Day, welcomes Canadians with communications campaign

first_imgVermont Business Magazine The State of Vermont has launched a “Welcome” communications campaign in Canada to reassure Canadians that Vermont greatly values their friendship, tourism and trade. The campaign launch coincides with Canada Day on Saturday, July 1, and includes 15-second(link is external) and 30-second(link is external) video spots in French that are running throughout Quebec.A welcome letter from Vermont Governor Phil Scott will be inserted into the official Vermont Vacation Guide that is distributed to residents of Canada. This year marks Canada’s 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.”As a border state, Vermont has a deep and long connection with our Canadian neighbors, particularly people from Quebec and Ontario,” said Wendy Knight, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing. “Each year more than 650,000 Canadians visit Vermont, and we hope this ‘Welcome’ campaign conveys how much we appreciate the time they spend in our state.”The Canada “Welcome” campaign also includes video messages from Senator Patrick Leahy(link is external), Vermont’s senior Senator, Governor Scott(link is external), and Commissioner Knight(link is external). The videos will run on social media in both Quebec and Ontario on Saturday, July 1, and are also being shared with the Office of the Consulate General of Canada in Boston.  Source: State of Vermont 6.30.2017 VBM vermontbiz.comlast_img read more

‘Purpose in life’ linked to lower mortality and cardiovascular risk

first_imgLinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter People who have a higher sense of purpose in life are at lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease, reports a pooled data analysis in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society. The journal is published by Wolters Kluwer.“Possessing a high sense of purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk for mortality and cardiovascular events,” according to the study by Drs. Randy Cohen and Alan Rozanski and colleagues at Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, New York. While the mechanisms behind the association remain unclear, the findings suggest that approaches to strengthening a sense of purpose might lead to improved health outcomes.How Does Purpose in Life Affect Health and Mortality Risks? Emailcenter_img Pinterest Using a technique called meta-analysis, the researchers pooled data from previous studies evaluating the relationship between purpose in life and the risk of death or cardiovascular disease. The analysis included data on more than 136,000 participants from ten studies–mainly from the United States or Japan. The US studies evaluated a sense of purpose or meaning in life, or “usefulness to others.” The Japanese studies assessed the concept of ikigai, translated as “a life worth living.”The study participants, average age 67 years, were followed up for an average of seven years. During this time, more than 14,500 participants died from any cause while more than 4,000 suffered cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke, etc).The analysis showed a lower risk of death for participants with a high sense of purpose in life. After adjusting for other factors, mortality was about one-fifth lower for participants reporting a strong sense of purpose, or ikigai.A high sense of purpose in life was also related to a lower risk of cardiovascular events. Both associations remained significant on analysis of various subgroups, including country, how purpose in life was measured, and whether the studies included participants with pre-existing cardiovascular disease..There is a well-documented link between “negative psychosocial risk factors” and adverse health outcomes, including heart attack, stroke, and overall mortality. “Conversely, more recent study provides evidence that positive psychosocial factors can promote healthy physiological functioning and greater longevity,” according to the authors.The new analysis assembles high-quality data from studies assessing the relationship between purpose life and various measures of health and adverse clinical outcomes. The researchers write, “Together, these findings indicate a robust relationship between purpose in life and mortality and/or adverse cardiovascular outcomes.”While further studies are needed to determine how purpose in life might promote health and deter disease, preliminary data suggest a few basic mechanisms. The association might be explained physiologically, such as by buffering of bodily responses to stress; or behaviorally, such as by a healthier lifestyle.“Of note, having a strong sense of life purpose has long been postulated to be an important dimension of life, providing people with a sense of vitality motivation and resilience,” Dr. Rozanski comments. “Nevertheless, the medical implications of living with a high or low sense of life purpose have only recently caught the attention of investigators. The current findings are important because they may open up new potential interventions for helping people to promote their health and sense of well-being.” Sharelast_img read more

News Scan for Apr 08, 2019

first_imgCDC confirms 78 new measles cases; US on track for record yearThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 78 more measles cases in the last week, a sign that ongoing outbreaks in several states are growing.The 2019 total number of cases has jumped to 465 in 19 states, as Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Nevada all reported their first cases of the year last week.”This is the second-greatest number of cases reported in the U.S. since measles was eliminated in 2000,” the CDC said. In 2014 the agency recorded 667 measles cases, and last year saw 372 cases, now the third-most since 2000. If the current pace of cases continues, the nation could top the 2014 total as soon as the end of this month or in May.Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington have all recorded cases.Of note this week is a growing outbreak in Michigan, where 39 cases have been reported between Mar 13 and Apr 5 in Oakland and Wayne counties. As with outbreaks in New York and New Jersey, the Michigan outbreak is connected to an imported case of measles from Israel.New York City recorded 45 more cases in an outbreak in Queens and Brooklyn that’s been ongoing since October. There are now 259 cases in that outbreak, which began with an unvaccinated child who contracted the virus in Israel.In addition to Michigan and New York City, the CDC is tracking five other measles outbreaks: Rockland County, New York (157 cases); Washington state (74); New Jersey (13); Butte County, California (6); and Santa Clara County, California (3). Apr 8 CDC update MERS infects 3 more in latest Saudi clusterSaudi Arabia today reported two more MERS-CoV cases that appear to be part of a cluster in Khafji in the northeastern part of the country, plus a case in Jeddah in the west.In its epidemiologic week 15 report, the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) said the newly confirmed MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases in Khafi involve two men, ages 28 and 34. Both had secondary exposure, meaning they probably contracted their infections from another sick patient. The history of contact with camels is unknown for both patients.The patient in Jeddah is an 80-year-old man. His case is listed as “primary,” meaning it’s unlikely he contracted the disease from another patient. As with the other cases, it’s not known whether he had recent contact with camels, a known MERS risk factor.With the new cases, 9 MERS-CoV illnesses have been reported in Khafji since Mar 29. Also, the 3 new illnesses lift Saudi Arabia’s total since the first of the year to 123 cases, including 57 linked to a large outbreak in Wadi ad-Dawasir.Apr 8 MOH update Nigeria reports 16 more Lassa fever casesThe Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 16 new confirmed Lassa fever in five states, officials said in a report covering epidemiologicl week 13, which ended on Mar 31. The new infections lift the country’s outbreak total since the first of the year to 526 confirmed cases. Currently, 29 patients are being treated at seven centers across the country.One more health worker infection was reported, raising the total sickened in the country’s latest outbreak to 17.Two more people died from their Lassa fever infections, raising the year’s fatality count to 121.The virus—typically contracted by coming into contact with rodent excreta—is endemic in Nigeria. Human-to-human transmission can occur, as well, and 6,489 contacts have been identified in 20 states, of which 22.2% are still being followed and 76.8% have completed their 21-day follow-up.Apr 8 NCDC update Study confirms decline in pertussis vaccine protection after first decadeIn children vaccinated against pertussis, vaccine effectiveness (VE) is high during the first decade of life but falls rapidly, according to case-control study from Canadian researchers in Vaccine.To track pertussis VE, scientists examined 1,335 cases reported to public health officials in Ontario from Jan 1, 2009, to Mar 31, 2015. Then they compared them with 5,340 randomly selected matched controls. In Ontario, children receive three priming doses of acellular pertussis vaccine at infancy, toddler, and preschool ages, followed by an adolescent booster dose between 14 and 16 years.For 2- to 3-year-olds, VE against pertussis was 92% and declined only slightly, to 90%, in 8- to 9-year-olds. However, in 12- to 13-year-olds, VE fell quickly, to 49%. The researchers also found that the teenage booster didn’t fully restore protection: VE reached 76% in 14- to 16-year-olds and 78% in 16- to 22-year-olds. The team noted that VE was generally higher and waned more slowly than they found previously in a test-negative case-control study.There were no widespread outbreaks or deaths in infants during the study period, which the authors said seems to support substantial and sustained VE, though they noted that disease activity patterns could be influencing immunity from earlier infections in older age-groups.They said the findings suggest the current pertussis vaccine schedule seems to be working well, though more efforts are needed to protect infants, including immunization during pregnancy. And they noted that consistent waning in immunity between the two study designs is a useful finding for policymakers.Apr 6 Vaccine abstract Vaccine allergies occur in only 1 of 760,000 vaccinations, experts sayOnly 1 in 760,000 vaccinations will result in hives, swelling, or anaphylaxis, according to an article published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). This means that allergies to vaccines are extremely rare, and even if someone does have an allergy, an allergist can safely administer injections.Most true allergic reactions to vaccines occur within minutes of receiving an immunoglobulin E (IgE)–mediated vaccine, and very rarely occur more than 4 hours after an injection. Injection-site pain and swelling are not signs of an allergy.And people with egg, latex, yeast, and gelatin allergies can also confidently receive most vaccines, though they may require an allergist’s administration. “Allergists can facilitate immunization of patients with vaccine allergy through techniques such as graded administration. Possible allergies to vaccines should not be a source of vaccine hesitancy for patients and health care providers,” the article concludes. Apr 8 CMAJ studylast_img read more

Italian north-south high speed line completed

first_imgITALY: Celebrations were held in Milano on December 5 to mark the completion of the final sections of the north-south high speed rail corridor, which opens for revenue service with the timetable change on December 13.Completion of the Novara – Milano, Bologna – Firenze and Napoli – Salerno links brings the total length of Italy’s Alta Velocità network to more than 1 000 route-km, stretching from Torino to Salerno. Describing the occasion as ‘an Italian miracle’, FS Group Chief Executive Mauro Moretti said the high speed line would act as a ‘vertical spine’ for the country, linking most of the major cities and serving around 65% of the country’s population.Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was guest of honour at the event, along with Transport & Infrastructure Minister Altero Matteoli, as well as Moretti and FS Group President Innocenzo Cipolletta. Two Frecciarossa ETR500 trainsets conveying guests from Torino and Salerno met at Milano Centrale station for the formal inauguration.From December 13 Trenitalia will reshape its high speed service pattern, running frequent 300 km/h Frecciarossa trains on the trunk route, augmented by 280 km/h Frecciaargento Pendolino services to other destinations. Fastest journey times for the Milano – Roma trip which uses 515 km of high speed line has been cut to 2 h 45 min, with most services now below 3 h. The 720 km Milano – Napoli journey will come down to 4 h 10 min, as will the 640 km between Roma and Torino. At peak times Trenitalia says it will be operating high speed trains between Roma and Milano at 15 min intervals.last_img read more

WFI secretary resigns from IOA Committee; raises questions on inflated air travel bills

first_img Written By Last Updated: 31st May, 2020 17:10 IST WFI Secretary Resigns From IOA Committee; Raises Questions On Inflated Air Travel Bills Weightlifting Federation of India Secretary General Sahdev Yadav has resigned as member of IOA Finance Committee in protest against Chairman Anil Khanna WATCH US LIVE Suman Ray Weightlifting Federation of India Secretary General Sahdev Yadav has resigned as member of IOA Finance Committee in protest against the misbehaviour of Chairman Anil Khanna after he raised questions on inflated and extravagant bills of air travels by IOA members.In a letter to IOA president Narendra Batra, a copy of which is accessed by Republic TV, WFI secretary said the primary reason for tendering resignation from the post of Member, Finance Committee was the objection raised by him with the Chairman of FinanceCommittee on the inflated bills of International travel of an Office Bearer of Indian Olympic Association in the last meeting attended by him. LIVE TV First Published: 31st May, 2020 16:16 IST Read: BCCI Nominates Rohit Sharma For Khel Ratna; Ishant, Shikhar & Deepti For Arjuna Award”I have questioned and demanded clarification on the inflated and extravagant bills of air travel and why should Indian Olympic Association will bear the extravagant bills and cost of the air travel. This office-bearer misbehaved with me in front of President – Indian Olympic Association and Chairman – Finance Committee on raising the issue of extravagant bills of International air travel.This personal rancour and antipathy towards me by this office bearer of Indian Olympic Association has left with no option but to resign from the post of Member – Finance Committee to maintain my self-respect.” He further said: “It was further learnt that this office bearer then paid the bills on his own and not through IOA which meant that the questions and queries raised by me is of right nature. If the travel bills had the right justification why should the office bearer himself paid the amount and not IOA? Accordingly, I did not want to bring disgrace of personal infighting and misbehaving of a seasoned office-bearer in public forum and tendered my resignation immediately thereafter.”Read: Hockey India Office Shut For 14 Days After Two Employees Found COVID-19 PositiveRead: Anil Khanna Blamed For Rs 72.84 Lakh Loss To IOA Due To “unexplicable Delays” SUBSCRIBE TO US COMMENT FOLLOW USlast_img read more

Damp courses rule the day

first_imgPSC Golf from Siam Country Resort PattayaTuesday, Nov. 10, Crystal Bay – StablefordTuesday we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay and played the A and C courses.  The condition of the course was not too bad but around the greens the soil was very soft and the greens themselves were not very good and slow.  Besides that, the speed of the putting surfaces on the A-course was completely different from the C-course.  Nevertheless we still had a good day.  Neil Harvey (H/cap 16) was the winner on the day with 36 stableford points.  Jonathan Pratt (10) and Willem Lasonder (20) played a strong front nine, but fell back on the back nine and came in second and third with 35 and 34 points respectively.The near pins went to Jonathan Pratt (2), George Gamble and Willem Lasonder.Thursday, Nov. 12, Plutaluang – Stableford We went to Plutaluang on Thursday where it had been a long time since we last visited and we found the condition of the course to be disappointing.  The layout was wet and there is a lot of maintenance ongoing at the moment.  The weather was hot and dry and we managed to finish just before the rain started.Willem Lasonder, Martin Hayes and Neil Harvey.The winner on the day was Willem Lasonder with 37 points.  Martin Hayes (18) came in second with 35, beating Willie Hogg (28) on the count back.The near pins were claimed by Neil Harvey, Richard Schuttenhelm and Willie Hogg.Note: Siam Country Resort Pattaya, Restaurant & Bar plays on Tuesday & Thursday.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome ALL golfers, including ladies & seniors (>60s) who have opted for the “Silver” tee option.  Call 089 2535440 (Willem Lasonder) for scheduling or enquiries.last_img read more

Espanyol are still searching for their first league win after Malaga draw

first_img Sam Marsden CEST Espanyol, the other club in Barcelona, are still searching for their first win of the la Liga season after being denied three points in injury time against Malaga.  They will hope their luck changes on Thursday, when they welcome Getafe to Cornella-El Prat. “They have made mistakes in all four of out matches,” midfielder Victor Sanchez said in reference to the refereeing performances in Espanyol’s matches this season. Frustrated by their start to the season, Espanyol are now bemoaning their lack of luck with the match officials.  “It happens to us all the time. We need to say something so we know what referees are thinking.” “We’ve had bad luck against us and I hope that we can begin again with a change in dynamics.” “Things are not going for us. Upd. at 19:41 21/09/2014 “The man in black always whisteld against us,” he claimed.  Christian Stuani thought he’d stolen the three points when he scored for the second successive match at Cornella, but Duda equalised even later to seal a 2-2 draw for the visitors. Sergio Gonzalez, the club’s new manager, spoke out about the referee’s performance in the draw with Malaga. After that, they have two more winnable games: Cordoba away and Real Sociedad at home, before they travel to face Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon.last_img read more

“There are players that carry the piano, so that others, like Neymar, can play it”

first_imgBrazil’s national team has a soloist and his name is Neymar. “In football, there are those that carry the piano, so that others, as is the case with Neymar, can play it,” is how goalkeeper Jefferson explains the Barcelona star’s role with Brazil, who play Colombia next in the Copa America in Chile.  Ney will face Colombia’s Juan Camilo Zuniga in Brazil’s next match, the player who ended his World Cup last summer. They have already seen each other since then in a game in Miami in September, though, and Jefferson doesn’t expect any problems. “We know Neymar has a cheerful and daring way of playing; that he knows how to overcome rivals with respect. That is his way of playing and he is very difficult to stop.” He also criticised the “twisted” nature of the Brazilian press. “I do not understand how there are people in Brazil that still criticise Neymar, after seeing what he is doing for the Seleçao and for FC Barcelona. For us, he is fundamental. He is out captain and our reference.”  Joaquim Piera 16/06/2015 The Botafogo goalkeeper, who is one of the most experienced players in Brazil, says he feels “privileged” to play alongside Neymar. “He has a huge amount of confidence, is a different player. He never hides and he always makes the difference,” Jefferson added.  Upd. on 22/11/2016 at 03:06 CETlast_img read more