Why depressed individuals don’t open up?

first_imgDear Editor,There are probably thousands of studies in psychology and sociology about self-disclosure. From time to time, most people would want to discuss important or troubling matters with other people.The people named in that statement are considered to be the “people closest to us”; however, this is also a difficult task to execute as well. Depression doesn’t have an age limit, the colour of skin, religious belief, etc.RealityEven though we have systems, organisations, and all of these things to apprehend individuals suffering from depression, our numbers in this nation are increasingly high. Why is this so? Some individuals are willing to confide in someone; however, is very much afraid that this “friend” would be “blabbing” or spreading the information shared with others, which, in turn, makes the situation worse or may have simply just given the person the push over the cliff to commit suicide.They are more alone than ever. Think about it, confiding only to find out you are being laughed at, being judged, looked down upon, only to name a few.What can we do?Be more observant, notice that boy lashing out for no reason at all? The possibility exists he’s being abused at home. That girl crying? She may be a victim of bullying. The boy you called poor? He works every night to support his family. These are merely a few of what is going on daily and we are caught up with responsibilities focusing on family, career among others.Be more confidential. Does a friend tell you about problems? Be the shoulder to lean on, the ear to listen, not to have an upper hand on that individual’s hurting but to help make a difference, become a success story, lead by example. Depending on the situation and circumstance, get the relevant authorities involved.Always remember no matter how hard it is, “IT ALWAYS GETS BETTER”. And there are people here who care, understand and will stand with you when you need it or even when you don’t!Teachers, parents, friends, strangers, loved ones (BFs/GFs) we need to get this in control, we are better individuals and stronger together than alone.I tried to make this piece as short as possible to create more awareness of what goes on whether we choose to turn a blind eye to it and be selfish; for one life lost is little too many. I cannot stand by and not say anything on this.Sincerely,Julius Seunarinelast_img read more